Yahoo permanently shuts down Geocities

By Justin Mann on October 26, 2009, 12:30 PM
A few months ago it was revealed that Yahoo had sealed the fate of GeoCities, one of the pioneers of the emerging Internet years ago. Fifteen years of service came to a halt when Yahoo told everyone still using the service that it would be shutting down, encouraging them to move on to something better. Now, true to their word, Yahoo has finally pulled the plug on the free web-hosting service. Where the Geocities homepage once stood, Yahoo has substitute a placeholder that confirms today as the final day for service.

The shutdown date has been available for some time, giving anyone who was still relying on the service a chance to fetch any data they wanted and make plans to move on. There's no mention of just how many people still used the service, though I imagine it wasn't very many. Numbers aside, there's still a feeling of nostalgia I get when thinking about GeoCities. For many of us, it was one of the most common first experiences on the Internet, and was one of the first services that ever tried to cater to neophyte web users who wanted to make a name for themselves.

Yahoo is offering to migrate any existing users over to their hosted services. Their disposal of GeoCities is part of their greater plan to improve company profits, which has been an important concern after a series of failed mergers and service cuts.

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DarkCobra DarkCobra said:

All things end. Yes, I too fondly recall my first experiences with simple web site building and using a Geocities site. It was very rudimentary but it got ya there. The notice of the closure indeed started quite some time ago but that day has finally arrived. Waving goodbye to an old and trusted friend. You served many of us well in those early Internet days . . . thanks!

tengeta tengeta said:

Ah, the age of everyone having a useless (but definitely fun) webpage is coming to an end... if you don't count a myspace/facebook profile lol.

Julio Franco Julio Franco, TechSpot Editor, said:

There are still a thousand different blog making tools which can actually ease the building process, but it's definitely not the same as hosting your own files in a somewhat tangible web server and adding a million different animated gifs in a single html page (well maybe myspace users still get that).

For those of you who haven't been around for long enough, believe it or not, but a very early version of TechSpot was initiated in a FortuneCity free site with an URL that occupied the whole browser's address bar width. That's what you got for $0 back in the day.

JNygren said:

WHAT?!! You mean my adoring fans can no longer gaze upon my beautiful Geocities home page? Why didn't somebody warn me??!!! Watamagonado, watamagonado!!!


fref said:

The electronic version of my college yearbook was on Geocities, with the URL printed in the paper version so people could make updates if they wished. I guess that will no longer be an option... Too bad, it was nice to see where old friends were today.

limpangel limpangel said:

The first website I created was with Geocities site builder more than eight years ago on my university library computers.

I just loved the Badtz-Maru theme, used it on my 360 page also ... until that was closed too

srdotnet said:

Honestly, does anyone *really* care about this?

No better depiction of the "If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it fall..."

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