Google: Android, Chrome OS to converge eventually

By on November 23, 2009, 1:15 PM
Google ventured into the operating system world last year with the introduction of Android, an operating system intended for mobile phones, and most recently with the netbook-oriented Chrome OS. For now, the two projects are evidently separate, but according to the company's co-founder Sergey Brin they are likely to become a single operating system in the future.

Brin revealed this in an informal discussion with reporters after the company's Chrome OS presentation last Thursday, adding that the common Linux and WebKit code base present in both projects facilitates a merger. His comments address many questions raised by Chrome OS's original announcement in July, but we can't say they come as much of a surprise given today's increasing convergence of mobile and desktop platforms.

That said, there is one fundamental difference between Android and Chrome OS that Google will need to sort out before the two platforms can become one: whereas the first lets users install their own apps on the mobile phone's memory, Chrome OS is meant to be entirely reliant on web applications, using local storage only to speed up those processes.

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ajickes said:

I'm interested to see where this is going and how the two will eventually work as one. I'm impressed with the Android devices I've seen come out lately. I'm still a little apprehensive though about the Chrome OS and use of purely web apps idea.

yorro said:

Google might singlehandedly resurrect the netbook industry.

blackcharlowins said:

Android is a great OS. I think the Tmobile g1 is way better then the iphone. Not very impressed with the Chrome OS. Im not a big fan of some cloud computing, especially OS's. I'm still waiting for the release of an Android netbook too! Then you will see google's OS start killing it!

Guest said:

The android operating system on Verizon HTC phone is great along with the Motorola version. But the thought of Google's Chrome OS is just wrong. The thought that one company is all knowing they can do what the United States government is not allowed to do(keep a database on its people) is just not right we should not allow it. The fact that all e-mails, lawyer documents, legal documents of all kinds, government document, your whole life more easily access than it already is i preposterous. I would rather go back to DOS.

lupinnktp said:

i'm eagerly waiting for the convergence. it might mean a seamless syncing of all your mobile devices (without even syncing utilities). however this probably means a migration of Chrome away from the PC.

Nirkon said:

How is that possible? Chrome OS beta is like 3GBs.. this thing is supposed to fit

on all android phones?

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