TechSpot's Staff Holiday Picks @ TTG, Part Deux

By on November 30, 2009, 2:34 AM
As mentioned earlier on, this year TechSpot took part on a collaborative effort to bring a comprehensive holiday gift guide for techies covering computer products, HDTV and home theater equipment, smartphones, gaming, cameras and personal tech. covers nearly a 100 product recommendations for these holidays. Here are three more suggestions from the TechSpot staff, click on the headlines for the full write-ups.

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower ATX case
Whos it for: DIY PC builders looking for a solid, big, aggressive case to go with their killer hardware.
Why: Coming from the bland beige box, weve seen a numerous trends come and go in the world of PC cases. For dedicated PC builders and gamers, today its more about functionality than ever before. Those not needing portability are favoring full-tower ATX cases, so they can comfortably fit all their extreme hardware. With flagship graphics cards now measuring over 9 inches long, typical mid-size cases are no longer sufficient. [...]

OCZ Agility Solid State Drive
Whos it for: PC enthusiasts who want impressive response time and speed from their system at the best possible value.
Why: Solid state drives are an almost rare example of marketing-hype being matched by real world performance. These flash memory-based devices are among the best upgrades any system can get nowadays, most notably because of the massive access speed boost they offer, but also due to the improved reliability that comes with the lack of moving parts, as well as their noiseless and energy efficient operation. [...]

Sling Media Slingbox Pro-HD
Whos it for: Media, sports, and TV buffs the kind of users that cant live without their DVR.
Why: The Slingbox concept was developed by two sports fans in 2002 when they were away from home and missed some key MLB baseball games. Three years later, the Slingbox became a reality. And while initially the Slingbox was meant to appeal to heavy travelers, as time has passed people have found more uses for the device. Sling Media has also kept refining both the hardware and software sides of the product. [...]

Previously covered recommendations also by TS:
ATI Radeon HD 5750, Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, Intel Core i5 750.

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saintbodhisatva said:

They are a bit on the expensive side though, It would be nice to have gift ideas that are about ~$50ish. Still good though if its just for the significant other.

Fada said:

that slingbox is so expensive, in Ireland you can get a Philips dvd recorder with a 160gb harddrive and digital tuner for about 150 euro.

I love philips, i really do, best consumer stuff out there in my opinion.

jtickner1 jtickner1, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

+1 for the HAF. Such an excellent case.

matchu said:

I want the HAF. Found it on a Canadian site for 100 bucks! but s/h is 40... damn. I need to find a local store that has it on sale.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

"With flagship graphics cards now measuring over 9 inches long". Over 11" and even over 12" long is more like what we have today.

Regenweald said:

Great case, but for price point and performance I would currently purchase:




BlackIrish said:

I'm just wondering, would the HAF 932 be able to house a Radeon 5970? Since it's such a long card?

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

the coolermaster casing seems nice, too bad the SSD drives are still too expensive for my part of the world.

the slingbox is a cool concept, hummm do i need one!

thanks for the info ...


Deso said: has a then HAF 932 for 100 bucks with free shipping TODAY MONDAY

as part of their cyber monday sales

ColdPreacher said:

Would be nice to receive any of these for xmas

Serag said:

Great Case..a bit expensive tho..

claycc said:

I have never been a big fan of the look of the HAF 932 (I like its smaller brother the 922) but it is a extrememly function case and extremely popular for people looking for a reasonably prices full tower case.

@BlackIrish - The HAF should be able to fit a 5970.

swilllx2p said:

saintbodhisatva said:

They are a bit on the expensive side though, It would be nice to have gift ideas that are about ~$50ish. Still good though if its just for the significant other.

Thats a great idea, I would love to see a list of of nice tech gifts for $50 and under. I'm already spending about $1k on a laptop for my wife this year..gotta save on the rest of the tech stuff.

AbsolutGaloot said:

The coolermaster looks nice, but I have been a longtime fan of Antec and have a 1200 tower. I love being able to do stuff inside my computer without slicing my hands up.

I also would like to see a list of excellent tech gifts under $50, it would be nice to get my family some new toys but so much of what they've shown interest in is super expensive.

Moltar said:

+1 for the HAF. I agree with saintbodhisatva. All of the gifts seem to be on the expensive side. It would have been nice to see a list of great idea in the sub $50 price range.

BlindObject said:

Look like I have no choice in going into a full case soon. Getting a bit cramped in my case, and eventually I'll have another GTX260 and like, 4 HDs, lol.

wcbert said:

I impressed with the HAF to replace to my 9 year old metal tower case. The problem with my tower is with the air flow in it that there is hardly any. Also I laughed at the 9 inch long video card comment as I just replaced the motherbord and still have a problem. The SATA connectors on the motherboard are close to were video card is position and no case is going to help as the SATA cords would have drap over the video card where the card's fan is located. I moved the card to another slot as the motherboard has two which was lucky for me.

BMfan BMfan said:

The HAF is a great case,bought my one just after seeing the review here at techspot.

My friend was looking at the review and he left firefox open when he left for work and after seeing it,i left a note on his pc telling him that was my next chassis.I bought it about a month later as a replacement for the antec 1200.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

That HAF is definitely pretty sweet. Cooler Master has a knack for making great full towers. I really like their idea of putting a big fan with an LED up in the front. I have a similar case to that one actually. It's not quite as neat-looking, but it's similar in design and I LOVE this thing. If I ever need a new case, I'd get that one.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

Oh, almost forgot. I wanted to post about the OCZ drive. I still can't quite justify spending nearly 375 bucks on 120 gigabytes of storage. The performance gains may be enormous in certain aspects, but for the limited amount of storage and the price tag, it just hasn't matured enough for me to want to spend money like that on a hard drive. For a graphics card? MAYBE! But even then I'd want it to go cheaper than that. As a rule, I don't like spending much more than 300 dollars on anything unless it's well and truly revolutionary or worthwhile for what I'm paying.

Matthew Matthew, TechSpot Staff, said:

@IvanAwfulitch: For what it's worth, the 120GB OCZ Agility is on sale at Newegg for $290 with a MIR: [link]

Still pricey, of course, and rebates are never fun to deal with.

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

Yeah it's still too pricey. Just look at the deals you get right now for a Terrabyte of storage. You can get a terrabyte of storage for about 150 bucks. For twice the price, you get 1/8th that size? That's just way too small. I'm running a 160 gig hard drive and that's just barely enough space because I'm a gamer and I need the space for the games I play. If I were to buy a solid state drive for my personal usage preferences, I'd need an affordable one that would have enough space and offer my performance gains all around instead of just OS based performance gains. I'd want my game files to get the same benefits the rest of the system is getting. Otherwise, for me, there would be hardly any point.

TechDisciple said:

Good HAF Case, But still way too pricey.

The SD looking good but the storage size suks for that price tag.

Slingbox would be nice, but then again i have no use for one.

ken777 said:

Just picked up a HAF 932 last week. Great case with tons of room and airflow. CPU and graphics cards are both running several C lower than previous case. Just wish it had some dust filters for the fan intakes.

fref said:

I could use one of those Slingbox devices at home, but it's still too expensive. If it were more affordable, I'd grab one right away. I need something to steam my DVR's HD signal from my living room to my bedroom TV. Anyone knows of a cheaper alternative?

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Just biding my time for SSDs to go more mainstream. They would be an amazing help when flying through giant RAW files like i do for photo editing.

Heretic said:

I really want a solid state drive. I'm just not sure if PCI-E versions are better than internals. For that matter, do they even make SSDs for laptops yet?

buttus said:

I agree that the Slingbox is way expensive...however if you are a road warrior out on business with your notebook, the product is extremely useful. I'm surprised that the price hasn't come down given the popularity of the product though.

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