Acer developing new flagship notebook with DirectX 11 graphics

By on December 3, 2009, 3:00 PM
Acer is reportedly developing a new flagship notebook that will incorporate various high-end technologies, and might very well be the first portable PC to market with a DirectX 11-capable graphics chip. The Aspire 8942 will boast an 18.4" 1080p LED display, a 1.6GHz Core i7-720QM, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, an AMD Mobility Radeon HD5850 with 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM, dual 640GB HDDs, and a Blu-ray drive.

As one would expect of a beastly media PC, connectivity options are aplenty. The Aspire 8942 will house four USB 2.0 ports, 802.11a-n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ExpressCard, HDMI, a five-in-one card reader and more. An eight-cell battery will power the system, which weighs about 4.6kg (over 10lbs) -- or about as much as two average 15" notebooks, as noted by Fudzilla.

There are no details on a price or availability, but it seems likely that the Aspire 8942 will start shipping in January or shortly after.

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Moltar said:

holy aspires Batman, that's a big "notebook." Are you even allowed to call them notebooks when they weigh over 10lbs? Sounds like a pretty hefty pc, but man, i never want to be the guy hauling that thing around.

Space_Cowboy said:

I can't understand why they keep using the slower i7 processors. You would think they would move up to the 950 or even the 850 at best.

dellz said:

thats not a notebook thats a monster in a big portable case , which needs a high voltage eletricity generator with it :P

pomonasi said:

notebook? this thing is a portable desktop. heck, the specs on this thing blows my desktop out of the water. would love to have one but im sure the price will be too much for my taste.

Basher said:

I think I could handle this. I've been carrying around my Dell Inspiron E1705 five or more times a week between school and wherever else I go. This thing weighs a little under 8.5 pounds, what's another 1.5lbs? On a side note, I decided to weigh my cat also, he's just about 20 pounds

jgvmx said:

18.4"? 4.6kg? That's not a notebook, it's a desktop on wheels!

The price should be as off-the-roof as its specs.

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Looks like Acer are really trying to take over the portable computer market, they've got a very large range from netbooks to desktop replacement notebooks.

Chazz said:

That thing is absolutely insane. It'd crush my desktop.

UglyChild said:

Is it me, or many companies now days are jumping on the "Modern War" games bandwagon one after another?

vangrat said:

I can think of several instances where a machine like that would have come in handy in the past for me

A. Shield to block bullets with

B. Nice table stand

C. Friggin awsome desktop replacement for people in war zones or hard to reach places where a desktop just wouldnt do.

Boogityboo04 Boogityboo04 said:

Ha, my latest gaming PC just barely measures up to that thing.

lfg18 said:

Haha you got to be kidding me 10lbs? That the heaviest laptop I have heard of, I would never thought of traveling with that thing, haha, well I must say that the specs are really impressive, a movility 5850? that's for serious gaming, this would be much better with a SSD.

I don't think i would buy this laptop anyway, i had had bad experiences with Acer, i don't know if they are reliable, anyone can share experiences with this brand?

manintech said:

what's the point of making such a big and high performance notebook? there are almost no advantage compared to a desktop

muljator said:

the point is to show it off when you go out, so you can attract girls

BlackIrish said:

Eh, just get a desktop and save yourself a lot of money & trouble.

ken777 said:

This is going to have like 30 minutes of battery life. Why spend so much extra money on a portable form factor when it's going to be tethered to your desk all the time? You can probably spend half or less and build a much faster and upgradable desktop gaming system.

Xclusiveitalian Xclusiveitalian said:

Everything else is nice but why a 1.6GHz Core i7-720QM, they must want to get rid of that over stock of old i7 chips. Oh and 10 lbs is way to heavy for a notebook unless your a body builder or it's going to remain stationary. You'll be suprised the big difference having to lug around a notebook thats 5lbs and one thats 10. Im assuming its going to be thicker than most newer notebooks aswell?

KG363 KG363 said:

That is an amazing laptop. The price must be astronomical

Decimae said:

This indeed seems like a portable desktop instead of a laptop. My desktop doesn't match it. And the price will be enourmous. So I'm not going to be able to afford it, though when I will, I'd rather buy a new desktop, because it's cheaper or faster.

Puiu Puiu said:

I already consider my 3kg laptop (also from acer) heavy and they want me to carry a 4.6 kg one? I will most likely avoid laptops that are heavier than 3kg. It's no longer portable at that weight.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Its not a laptop. Its a desktop with an integrated monitor.

Nirkon said:

I think this opens up a new segment in the market, it should be named "Portable PCs"... those who weigh over 4KG!

It's like taking a couple of bricks with you wherever you go.. sheesh!

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

i'm big enough to carry this thing around ... price please? thank you ...

do you think this will be better for me instead of a desktop gaming monster, i do need to have a minimum mobility though, yet not really that important.

i'm planning to buy some new IPs & a few old like Crysis pack!

thank you in advance for the replies ...


Hyperian said:

Sounds like a very expensive desktop replacement to me, probably around 3000 bucks

PNagy said:

What about heat? I've tried a much more powerless gaming laptop but the heat and the noise were disturbing.

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Sounds beastly but would need to know about price and noise/heat at least.

AbsolutGaloot said:

I wonder if they'll also market a special carrying harness for the thing so you can tote it around without ruining your back :-p

Docnoq said:

PNagy said:

What about heat? I've tried a much more powerless gaming laptop but the heat and the noise were disturbing.

I'm sure it will heat up a bit, but that's why it is also an 18.4" laptop. Bigger laptop means more space to dissipate heat. That doesn't mean I wouldn't buy the best laptop cooling pad on the market for this though. I would never be able to forgive myself if I pissed away $2,000+ because of carelessness.

buttus said:

This would smoke...let alone be a true desktop replacement. Battery life would be appauling though based on the display and the video chipset. Still, as long as you could plug it in this would be a beast of a machine.

Vicenarian said:

What a complete, utterly ridiculous, waste of money. Who needs that kind of power? What are you going to do, surf the web and listen to music with 8 GB or RAM?

Vicenarian said:

And when it becomes obsolete, it will make a really heavy doorstop.

levar said:

wholy snap wish the processors was a bit faster but damnnn. This is why acer is 2nd and just pass Dell in selling of notebooks. Awesome setup! I estimate prices to be around $2500 to $3000 can't be above or below that.

TechDisciple said:

ftw is like carrying a full bucket of water around with u... How lame is that?

Guest said:

I had an Acer 8920g, 18" laptop, bought it about a year and a half ago for $1000 Canadian, sold it a couple of months ago and bought a brand new Acer 8735. Both great machines with 320 gb hd, blueray,18.4" screen, wireless N, 4 GB memory, Nvidia GeForce graphics cards 512 and 1GB respectively. Am looking forward to buying the new Acer 8924G when released here in Canada in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Got a heads up from a friend that works @ Staples that it is going to retail for around $1050 but was unable to get the full specs on the unit. So I am assuming that the memory will probably only 4GB and maybe not have 2 hard drives like the 8920G or 8735G. As for Acer as a company, they have come a long way compared to a few years ago when it comes to the quality of the machines they put out. Myself, I am on my 3rd Acer laptop in 4 years but that is due to my needs changing in regaurds to my machines and not any performance or quality issues. In my opinion Acer is one of the better Manufacturers to deal with when it comes to customer support as well.

Guest said:

from previous post, just wanted to talk about battery life. Both my previous machines, 8920G and 8735G came with 8 cell batteries and from 100% would give on average of 3- 3 1/2 hours of continuous power. As for heating issues, I had none and had never used a chill mat either. I found the noise from the unit no louder than any other laptop whether it be a normal 17" or smaller 14", in factwith the 8735G, I found it quieter than most any other laptop I've come accross, and yes, just in case you may have thoiught weren't, the fans were running on the machine.

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