Weekend tech reading: EVGA prepping dual socket LGA 1366 motherboard

By on January 2, 2010, 1:23 PM
EVGA to unveil dual socket LGA 1366 motherboard at CES Keeping PC enthusiasts on their toes, EVGA has provided a peek at a new motherboard which it will present next week at CES 2010. As you can see below, EVGA has made a dual socket LGA 1366 board, one that's said to have all the bells and whistles of a Classified series product (overclocking feature galore) so to please extreme users. TC Magazine

Analyst: Impact of FTC versus Intel overblown The final impact of a suit brought by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Intel Corp. is likely to be less than what many expect, according to an analyst, who rejected the notion that the courts would force the microprocessor giant to license modern x86 instruction sets to other firms. EE Times

Ex-Googler Lee sees Apple tablet debut in January Sure, every blogger worth his salt has weighed in on the long-rumored Apple tablet that may or may not be--its possible size, shape, specs, debut date, and on and on. Now offering up a perspective on the matter is a high-profile tech industry executive, Kai-fu Lee, who until recently was the head of Google's China operations. CNET

Adblockers to save online ads? Google thinks so Google -- the granddaddy of internet advertisers -- says it's not worried about extensions for its Chrome browser that block or eliminate ads on websites. Well... that's interesting. Apparently Google feels that advertisers will make an effort to ensure their ads are less annoying and people will soon see their benefits. Or at least that is the hope over at Google headquarters. Download Squad

Steam holiday sale Valve continues its steeply discounted daily deals today with Counter-Strike: Source ($4.99), The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition ($4.99), Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 ($10.19), Painkiller: Collectors Pack ($8.74), and Trine ($4.99). Many other titles and packs are available at a savings too, and the event ends tomorrow! Steam

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dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

I believe the dictionary example of "Excess" features a picture of the EVGA dual socket board running Gulftown's oc'ed. Should have the ubergeeks monitors' looking like a painter's radio in no time!

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

that EVGA Mboard is quite impressive, but let's not be too overhype & wait if the softs need that kind of hardware.

i've been enjoying & leeching a lot on steam these days, bought 4 games already.


Guest said:

Software? omg no I want this for FSX to run smoothly. If it can run it with 2 cpus tagged up im all over it. I thought my problems went away with the new I7 I have overclocked to 4.5 but that can't even run it smoothly with everything cranked. FSX is so cpu hungry! I can't wait to see the benchmarks are on it.

dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

hello ...

that EVGA Mboard is quite impressive, but let's not be too overhype & wait if the softs need that kind of hardware.

1."need that kind of hardware"...what the hell's that got do to with anything

2. Near impossible to overhype a EVGA mobo.

3. Yes, quite impressive...will be even more impressive seeing ALL the board!

Puiu Puiu said:

The deals on steam are really sweet. Now all i need is time to play everything i've bought.

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Motherboard does look really nice! Can't really justify for myself at this point though.

dividebyzero dividebyzero, trainee n00b, said:

Just saw the pic of the whole board....

345mm x 330+mm size.....8+3 digital pwm power phase PER cpu, 7 PCIe x16 slots (how long before someone hooks up 4 HD5970's !) , 64 PCIe lanes via 2 NF200 chips.

All you need is a power supply that can run it all ! ( 24 pin + 2 x 8pin EPS 12v + 6+2 pin PCIe)

This board isn't about surfing the net and playing Crysis any more than the Classified 200 boards are. This is purely an exercise in keeping EVGA's brand linked to the sharp end of extreme benchmarking and overclocking. In less than four years they have gone to silkscreening their logo on generic nVidia 650 Ultra and 680i SLI boards to designing their own mobo's that are on the must have list for the LN2 and phase change crowd.

My next system build will be P55- EVGA FTW......Asus and Gigabyte can have their onboard USB3 and SATA 6Gb - I'll buy an add-in card.

actionjksn said:

I have EVGA 780 i FTW. It is nothing but high quality, same goes for my EVGA GTX 275 video card. and yes it runs crysis pretty well. My next board will be an X58 classified. But not for another one or two years. I always wait for this stuff to get cheap.

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