Steam sale: 66% off Total War games

By on February 12, 2010, 7:41 PM
Calling all war strategy fanatics: Steam has deeply discounted the Total War Mega Pack, which consists of Medieval II: Total War ($6.79), Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms ($5.09), Rome: Total War - Gold ($3.39), Rome: Total War - Alexander ($3.39), and Empire: Total War ($10.19). The games have been cut by 66% in celebration of the newly available Elite Units of the East DLC for Empire: Total War, and when purchased as a bundle they cost $20.39.

The titles are probably self-explanatory but Medieval II: Total War is set between 1080 and 1530, focusing on medieval warfare, religion, and politics, and notable events include the colonization of the Americas. Likewise, Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms adds four campaigns revolving around the discovery of the Americas, 13th century Britain, and more.

Rome: Total War - Gold is set in the Roman Republic and includes the first expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion. Rome: Total War - Alexander is the second expansion, and puts players behind the sword of Alexander the Great during some of his most famous battles and impressive victories, such as Battle of Issus and Battle of Gaugamela.

Empire: Total War is largely set in the 18th century, with battles on both land and sea, allowing players to engage in real-time 3D naval combat. Events include the French Revolution, Age of Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution. There are five DLC packs, but none of them appear to be included in the base price.

All of the games mentioned have a metascore of 85 or better, with the exception of Rome: Total War - Alexander. It's also worth noting that the latest installment in the series, Napoleon: Total War is coming later this month, and happened to make our list of 2010's most anticipated PC games. The sale ends next Monday, February 15.

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Timonius Timonius said:

The news a little late, but that's alright the sale is still on. Anyways I'm going to pass this deal by. I'll wait till they're done with making new dlcs and release a final all inclusive version. I've been burnt before by not waiting (so what if I don't have the latest and greatest games).

Relic Relic, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Total War games are amazingly fun and a must for any RTT fan. Been playing RTW since it came out and haven't gotten bored with it. The modding community for the TW series is also superb, myself playing Roma Surrectum for RTW. Maybe I should pick up ETW since I haven't played it yet .

cyrusjumpjet cyrusjumpjet said:

Uhhh... they had the same sale a few days ago but I definitely paid about $13 for Empire Total War.

WTF!! Oh well, $3 difference isn't enough to make a fuss over, haha.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Much as I'm tempted, I know I'll never play another RTS again, as they're too time consuming. If I ever get to when I can play again (maybe when I retire and the kids leave home, many years into the future) and these games are still playable (some emulation on whatever Linux/ARM system will be dominant at the time), I might get them.

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