Google's Chrome OS to arrive "later this fall"

By on June 3, 2010, 10:11 AM
Following a slew of new netbook and tablet PC announcements at Computex 2010 -- and some rumblings about Windows' security -- Google has come forward with an update on its web-centric operating system for portable devices. Though still light on details, speaking at the Computex cloud computing forum yesterday, Google's VP of product management Sundar Pichai confirmed Chrome OS will be on the market in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The statement pushes back earlier rumors of a third-quarter launch, as Google continues to work closely with hardware partners to deliver clamshell devices with touch-pads, keyboards and screens between 10 and 12 inches across. At least initially this will be the focus. It isn't clear whether Chrome OS will also be ready for tablets when it launches. So far we've seen a few Android tablet prototypes being announced, but the jury is still out regarding which platform will work best in this market -- my guess is Google will stick with Android for touch-centric devices.

Announced nearly a year ago, Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system built around Google's Chrome browser. Like other Linux-based platforms, it will be available for free, allowing hardware vendors to avoid licensing costs. A big part of Google's focus is on speed, and as such startup times, including access to the web, should take seconds rather than the minute or longer that most Windows users endure. The cloud-based design should provide quick access to Google's suite of online applications, in addition to the Chrome Web Store which will launch alongside the operating system.

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ddg4005 ddg4005 said:

Sound like it'll be good for netbooks and some laptops. But I don't think this spells doom-and-gloom for Microsoft.

ddg4005 ddg4005 said:

Sound like it'll be good for netbooks and some laptops. But I don't think this spells doom-and-gloom for Microsoft.

KG363 KG363 said:

This Chrome OS seems like a waste of time

ddg4005 ddg4005 said:

Well it's Google's attempt to usurp Microsoft's Windows much the same way as was tried with Linux. They will try and fail as others have.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

It may not, they may just be making this like a test bed if you like, start with netbooks see what the public think then move on making bigger more full products, first a mobile platform (android) now Crome for netbooks and after the pc is left to go, if google to make a good computer os that does take off then into the server Market, man this could get big if proven popular.

Guest said:

Linux is a good OS, but was never marketed in the same way as MS or Apple and most people have never heard of it, but they have heard of Google and will pay attention when they have something to offer. Right now, for those who are aware you can install or uninstall Ubuntu Linux as a program on your present computer without disturbing anything else and choose either OS at startup. Now how cool is that? For those who'd like to install it, go here....

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