If Microsoft trampled your hopes and dreams with the cancellation of its once promising dual-screen Courier project, a little-known device by the name of "Kno" might lift your spirits. The jumbo-sized tablet packs two 14.1-inch 1440x900 displays hinged together at the hip both of which carry their own battery, offering up to eight hours of runtime.

All of that amounts to around 5.5lbs or over three and a half times heftier than the iPad, which some people complain is too heavy. That said, the Kno is largely aimed at academic users who are likely to place it on a desk. With twin 14-inch screens, students could effectively replace a backpack full of textbooks, not to mention their laptop, which likely weighs around five pounds itself.

The company is reportedly working with education publishers such as Cengage Learning and McGraw-Hill. The "digital textbook" is powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC, has 16GB of storage space, and runs a "browser-based operating system on top of embedded Linux." Pricing is still unknown, but the company has said it's aiming for well under the $1,000 mark.