YouTube intros simple, cloud-based video editor

By on June 16, 2010, 8:46 PM
Further embracing cloud-based services, Google has released a basic Web-based video editor to YouTube, adding to the recent acquisition of online photo editor Picnik. The YouTube Video Editor is being rolled out today and its humble toolset is enough to transform the world's most prevalent video sharing into a one-stop-shop for folks who only need to make simple tweaks to their content.

Entering the editor presents users with the clips uploaded to their account, but you can't edit others' videos (though, you might be able to download a video and reupload it to your account). Currently, the tools mostly revolve around the ability to stitch together clips in any desired order to create a single video, and you can also watch the current progress of your mash-up with an included video player.

YouTube also provides thousands music tracks that you can drag onto your video to overwrite the existing audio. Unfortunately, by using the songs you grant YouTube the right to display ads in your video, but if you need an audio clip for your video, it's a small "price" to pay. The existing library will grow as YouTube signs more deals with copyright holders.

The editor is rudimentary to say the least, but it's only just been added to YouTube's "TestTube" the company's sandbox, if you will. If a large number of users flock to the service, you can bet that more features such as video transitions, effects and titles will be added. For now, feel free to check out what's available and be sure to send them your feedback.

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Puiu Puiu said:

This is something that should have been done by them a long time ago and they need to add some cool features in it. I'm sure it will be successful.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Agreed, this could make uploading videos to youtube easyer ad cheaper though as now instead of having to go out and buy editing software or using windows video editor and faffing around with different file types it can all be done online.


Guest said:

It's a novel idea, albeit you have to upload the raw film, which can take time. As a side news, vista/windows7 users can also download and use the free windows live moviemaker, which has free plugins to directly upload to youtube and facebook. That way you are only uploading the finished product to youtube, not the whole raw film. It's incredibly easy to use, I've been doing this to upload content from our kid's trips. The side benefit you can also burn the finished product and create dvd discs (with dvd menus) from within windows. In fact I still have a copy of vegas to do the same things, but the ribbon toolbar and improved featureset of live moviemaker made it so easy to create non mission critical work. I used to dismiss the early live release, now they are quite a bargain find.

Take a second look, you can download only the apps you want and uncheck the rest. It does add some additional components which may not be optional (codec support/runtime/etc)

Guest said:

I agree, there are already a number of free editors out there that do MORE without having to waste time uploading raw video to an online account AND THEN fiddling with It.

Also don't forget your giving them permission to attach ads to your video as well.

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