Sony drops PSP Go price to $199 ahead of holiday season

By on October 26, 2010, 7:57 AM
Sony is giving its PSP Go gaming handheld a much-needed shot in the arm today with the announcement of a price cut from $249 to $199. The move comes just in time for the holiday shopping season and puts the device at just $30 more than Nintendo's DSi XL, $50 more than the DSi, and $70 more than the DSi Lite. The company may face some in-house competition as well, though, with the PSP-3000 currently selling for $169.

The PSP Go represents a major shift for Sony in the handheld arena as it attempts to move away from packaged media in favor of digital downloads. Besides reduced distribution costs, the move would, in theory, give Sony a better fighting chance against the used games market and piracy. But while the idea sounds good on paper – we’ve seen how well some iOS games are selling – execution apparently fell short of customers’ expectations. After all, the PSP Go doesn’t bring much to the table besides a smaller, lighter build and more memory, while dropping support for UMD media and carrying a smaller games library for a heftier price tag.

In August, market researcher NPD estimated the PSP sold just 79,400 units compared to around 140,300 a year earlier. Sony hasn't revealed exact sales figures for the Go, but the device is widely believed to be a flop, with a separate study from tracking firm Media Create putting the number at 23,455 for the first three months of 2010. By comparison, the Nintendo DS – including all its variants – sells upwards of 250,000 units each month.

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ional10 said:

It's not a bad price, but the DSi XL is still better value for money and comes with a plethora of games, the sony PSP GO never really took off unfortunately, they left people with UMD disks hanging about.

edison5do said:

Well, holidays come close = Prices go Down, I hope that PC parts go the same way.

Cueto_99 said:

I've never found attracting the psp, sure, it has great graphics, but what else? Sony should focus on a better marketing technique and try to include other features if they wish to compete and stand a chance with the Nintendo 3Ds...

freythman freythman said:

I might buy it at $100, but at $200, I could just save up another $30 and get an entry level iPod touch. Then I'd have access to all of the apps on the App Store.

If they didn't remove support for UMD, and dropped it to $150 or less, I might consider it.

Rod2709 said:

It still pretty high, if they want to bump the sales, they should drop it to about $150... heck i would buy one at that price.

Micael said:

The price is still very high...sure it's a nice product, but for that price or a little above i can buy myself an Xbox 360 or a PS3...or even more PC components :s.

citac said:

i wouldnt buy it for 100 bucks to be honest, terrible design by sony who ever made this thing should of got fired.

Basher said:

I still have and occasionally use my PSP1000, but don't see myself ever upgrading to a new portable gaming device. Smartphones are somewhat taking over the reigns of the standard 90's type portable gaming device.

Sony needs to introduce something unique, such as Nintendo is doing, to capture their share of the market. Otherwise, I personally don't see their success in the portable gaming market.

LinkedKube LinkedKube, TechSpot Project Baby, said:

Although I really wanted a psp go. Im not going to touch it. They already admitted that this was a science experiement of sorts.

bioflex said:

Rod2709 said:

It still pretty high, if they want to bump the sales, they should drop it to about $150... heck i would buy one at that price.

me too buddy.....$ 150 is the best price in my opinion....i would add a penny more for device like this....just give me a psp with a umd drive and i would be fine.

buttus said:

It's a good price but still a bit pricey for a portable game system.

princeton princeton said:

No thanks. I'll spend the extra bit and get an ipod touch.

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Its a terrible idea and it deserves to be consigned to the bargain bin or the dustbin. Slow wifi connection, all games purchased as via the net and no second hand market. Absolutely awful. Glad it failed.

bugejakurt said:

Reasonably priced, and a good move from Sony to address the PSP's decrease in popularity lately. Honestly I've not seen much PSP Go's on the market, and believe Sony needs to overhaul the PSP System and certainly reduce the prices of its games.

natefalk natefalk said:

I would be more interested in the PSP Go if it had the UMD drive or if it could be used as a cell phone. Otherwise, it just isn't that interesting to me. Who wants to wait an hour to download a game?

Wagan8r Wagan8r said:

Hmmm... a PSP Go, or a 1GB GTX 460?

Let me think...

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Still seems like it's priced too high. I've never been a fan of the PSP, I'm a DS fan.

milford50 said:

There comes a decent drop. PSPs are meant for "on the move", how can u compare a gtx 460 and a psp go? Its just out of the question...

PSP is the best in terms of graphic quality(while being mobile) and does not have kiddish games like Nintendo's device.

rizalp said:

Even with this price cut, i will never buy PSP Go. It still pretty high. A < $150 and support for UMD will surely attract me. Or, give us the option to transfer games from UMD into PSP Go

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I wouldn't buy a PSP anymore, I wanted one when they first came out since they did all sorts of things like web browsing, music and video playback and the games were pretty good aswell. But now I'm just gunna wait for the PSP 2.

Although Portable Grand Turismo would be awesome!

Zoner1501 Zoner1501 said:

The PSP Go should have been marketed as a lite version of the PSP, and as such priced cheaper then the PSP-3000... I honestly don't know what goes through corporate minds....

co1rpal1 said:

Price is one thing.....but it's really all about having good games.

uttaradhaka said:

But I still won't get this PSP. Just looks odd. And the lack of UMD drive was the final nail. Hope the next one is far better, otherwise, the DSi successor will eat it alive.

fritz123 said:

that price is reasonable if you want to compete with the DS. i have a psp2000 and i dont use it that much. i think the removal of the UMD was kinda good (imo i think it didnt really catch on and it looks kinda ugly).the design of the device isnt very nice. .. i wouldnt buy one just because prices dropped.

sure the psp has better graphics but i think the DS's games are much more fun. (though there are a lot of bad ones too) well, that's just me.

grimm808 said:

What? $199 should have been the standard retail price when it first came out. Lack of UMD support... a smaller (and seemingly easily brake-able) screen, with shoddy uncomfortable controls just makes for disaster. This ought to be selling right now for $100. Especially with the limited library and things you can do with the PSP GO.

Afroaggie said:

I think that this is a good move especially with the 3DS possibly coming out with the price tag of $300.

frodough said:

smart move considering WP7's will come out with xbox live games which may step on PSP and DSi toes in the age 16+ market (about the age when they get a phone) on the other hand, maybe Sony should consider sticking phone capability to PSP Go

SStriker said:

I bought the first generation PSP and thought it was a great gadget for the price.

Not a big fan of the new design. I think the price is fair....

levar said:

$199 should've been the price when it was first released and now maybe give it a $169 price tag and lower the PSP-3000 the Go made no real change. Sure it help in areas such as piracy the device still has yet to fully utilize a stable CFW, as far as I'm concern the PSPGo is a total fail.

What I do believe is this was an experiment. One that fail horribly from my point of view, I wonder what Sony's is. Sales show no sign any profit.

UT66 said:

SONY drops PSP go. And launches PSP go 4d Walkman edition. The end.

princeton princeton said:

milford50 said:

There comes a decent drop. PSPs are meant for "on the move", how can u compare a gtx 460 and a psp go? Its just out of the question...

PSP is the best in terms of graphic quality(while being mobile) and does not have kiddish games like Nintendo's device.

Not true. The iphone/itouch/ipad with the A4 processor is far more powerful than the PSP. Did you see Rage running @ 60fps with the graphical goodness. It blows any portable and even last gen consoles out of the water, Carmack even stated the A4 cpu isn't far off from todays consoles. Definitely far ahead of the psp.


"Carmack said in 2008 that the iPhone was "more powerful than a Nintendo DS and PSP combined," and now says he could use it to "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2." That was for the iphone 3G. The 4 is more than twice as powerful.

samironsy said:

nice price but i dont think it can be better than iphone or ipad and new smartphones

kaonis92 said:

Still expensive and the lack of UMD support isn't helping them either. Any news about PSP 2?

vangrat said:

Frankly I could care less, my next PSP will be this bad boy: [link]

oasis789 said:

nope. i would put the money toward a new smartphone instead. mobile gaming cant be too hardcore anyway.

kakarot27 said:

199? good has some good accountants.

RealXboxMaster said:

Waste of money ...period. You want a portable? Buy a PSP FAT or 2000 slim... rest is garbage

Regenweald said:

A learning experiment for sony, not something to part with my money for. I'll wait for the psp2

Timonius Timonius said:

Digital downloads is a great idea, and I believe it is the way of the future for 'media'. BUT there needs to be a DRASTIC improvement on wireless speeds AND security. Then you can really take off with these PSP Go and similar devices with an ever cheaper unit price. Bottom line the technology really has to catch up with the concept, it's not quite there yet.

eeprom said:

vangrat said:

Frankly I could care less, my next PSP will be this bad boy: [link]

Serious? I'm gonna get it too! (if it ever came out...)

EDO219 said:

Three and a half years ago, I purchased a DS Lite and have never regretted it. PSP Go feels very flimsy and cheap to me. The early version of the PSP and any DS with an R4 card are great for emulating old console games such as the SNES. However, the PSP Go cannot easily be modded to emulate anything (outside of its limited RAM).

The only reason I bought a DS Lite instead of an early version of the PSP is my preference for Nintendo games.

T3x said:

Personally I would have bought a PSP long ago but it seems like every time I am ready to go and pick on up they announce that they will be making/releasing a brand new model which is very frustrating. They need to make a PSP that does what they want it to and be able to and also be able to expand on it in the future instead of making another model every so often.

XnaX said:


Sorry Sony, but I have priorities (:

Yoda8232 said:

My brother has one, I must admit it's really sexy and designed well but you simply cannot play any FPS with one joystick. That should of been included when it came out. 16GB built is nice. Needs more aftermarket support with a SD card slot and such, but yet again PSP Phone is down the road...

therickster90 said:

Lowered the price for the holidays? Or lowered the price to make room for the PSP phone? I don't know what Sony has been doing lately. But I don't want to carry another electronic around with me all the time, so a phone would be much much better.

Richy2k9 said:

hello ...

humm, interesting, but not enough, even if God of War: Ghost of Sparta looks great, i still haven't played my PS3 versions & now i'm all hype up for PSP2 ... while i'm back to my 1st love: PC gaming (need cash & buy/build new PC) ...


ruzveh said:

PSP phone seems to be better deal than PSP hand handled

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