Adobe confirms Flash 10.1 coming to everything but iPhone

By on October 26, 2010, 12:53 PM
At its MAX conference, Adobe not only announced Air 2.5 for phones, tablets, and TVs but it also confirmed that it would be bringing Flash Player 10.1 to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, RIM's BlackBerry OS, HP's WebOS 2.0, Symbian, MeeGo, and the LiMo platform. Unfortunately, there's still no timeline for a release on each platform; Adobe is only saying that Flash 10.1 is "expected" to hit each mobile OS.

These six platforms will join Android 2.2, which has had Flash since June 2010. The current list of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 certified devices is thus not very long, but if Adobe manages to deliver on what it's promising, it should grow very rapidly. The news today also means that the iOS is the only major mobile platform that will not support the plug-in: Apple won't let it touch the iPhone, the iPod touch, or the iPad.

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Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

Alright, one more reason to give phones running windows a second chance.! lol

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Let's hope this Flash is more secure than previous versions. It's been a mess so far...

VitaminC said:

Reading this article right after flash made my chrome v7 crash has left a funny taste in my mouth.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

All the more reason to dump this iPhone, sadly, if the website is popular and the flash content is either a game or Video, theres usually already an app for that (Examples include BBC News and Farmville)

oasis789 said:

wtf apple. another reason to switch to android

crzydave said:

Does anyone know the reason why apple is not supporting flash on their products? Is it a compatibility issue or something else?

TeamworkGuy2 said:

I have not done research, but I think Apple does not support Flash because they do not own Adobe,

if they can not make the profit, they do not want to let the software on their devices.

Come to think of it, Apple would actually make more sales if they allowed Flash on their devices...

and more sales would mean more profit.

That argument does not make any sense, maybe Apple just thinks Flash is to insecure.

rtfmx9 said:

What's the big deal with flash? I have iPhone and never felt I missed anything on the web by not having flash on it. Even on PC, I find it annoying to have to use special add-on for Firefox to get rid of flash adds. I say - good riddance, I don't need more adds on my phone

I understand people's habits are different and many may feel need for flash on their phone but that's why there are other companies out there who support it. I don't miss it.

Jibberish18 said:

Flash On Windows Phone 7 tastes delicious on my lips.

Jibberish18 said:

Especially if it utilizes the GPU like the rest of Windows Phone 7 does.

VitaminC said:

Even though Apple is in this one for itself (as is the case with any corporation), i stand to benefit from the fight it's putting up. Apple supporting HTML5 (open standards) as a way to access information on the web, is a way friendlier approach than having to have a plugin in my browser standing between me and my goals on the web, whatever they may be.

I feel the same way about silverlight. Why the hell should i have to have some random corporation's plugin sitting on my computer just to "see" certain things on the web.

Think about it.

rebelinhyd said:

flash and shockwave make my browsers crash more often than anything else but i somehow feel worse about silverlight!

frodough said:

what a disgrace, apple rather save face than make a friendlier product. this is on apple.

Guest said:

like using itunes to "hear" my music

kaonis92 said:

Apple: Flash is a lethal desease, exterminate it, it's...evolving! I still don't see the true point of their decision yet.

princeton princeton said:

Apple feels HTML5 is simply a better technology than flash. Apple has been doing things their own way ever since 1982 where they attempted to make their own form factor of floppy drives. Even after that was criticized they continue to make their products incompatible with industry standards like flash, games, OS, peripherals ect. Because they want people to conform to what they feel is best, not what we feel is best.

topcoach said:

It appears that Apple is shooting itself in the foot.

tacobfm said:

Lmao. GG apple. Way to ignore the competition

However its understandble of apple to do this. Everything theydo is closed and come with their own standards

vangrat said:

Frankly, I do not mind apple not using Flash. It is brining some interesting flavour to the market. Yes flash was ubiqutious, but without Apple as a user, it is allowing other standards to come into the market.

That being said, my next mobile device will be android based.

bioflex said:

Jibberish18 said:

Flash On Windows Phone 7 tastes delicious on my lips.

yep...your are right about that.

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Iphone is old news apple has a strangle hold on there products and wont let anyone do anything without there says so i say i hope apple learns from this as i see a lot of market share being lost to android based phones in the near future.

kakarot27 said:

jailbreak get flash substitute.


If you think about it though, Flash killed Quicktime (good riddance) so Apple is sour over that whole ordeal and they have little hesitation to flip Flash the bird and say no more. Rightly so as well I think, considering Flash is (I assume) poorly coded and as a result is a buggy, unstable, bloated resource hog. I can see why they don't want it on their streamlined systems. But probably 95% of video on the internet is flash based and plenty of websites run their entire user interface in flash. So yeah, sucks for iPhone users.

Eddo22 said:

Everything... cept apparently no flash updates for Pocket Pc.

crazyboy88 said:

I was totally surprised by this announcement...........

Guest said:

that's a good burn!

hassaan said:

I have failed to understand the reason behind Apple's adamancy. Care to explain anyone?

XnaX said:

Once again Apple proves that their xenophobia has a special place deep inside their cold designer-hearts (:

Yoda8232 said:

Another fail for Apple, even if it is old or whatever Apply says everyone is using and they should let people use it until their HTML5 is ready.

gnarph said:

I just wish Apple could set aside their differences with Adobe, but on second thought, I don't really care. Apple seems to be doing well enough (ha.) without flash.

jazboy said:

That is the answer of Steve job's quote 'Adobe is lazy'.. If apple also adopt Adobe flash player they will only gain

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