Microsoft: use any e-mail address with Hotmail

By on November 1, 2010, 3:43 PM
Microsoft has announced that users can now send and receive e-mail from a non-Hotmail address using Windows Live Hotmail. The feature, called EASI ID, is rolling out today and will be available worldwide in the next few days.

Hotmail helps users register and validate their e-mail address by connecting to their other e-mail service and importing existing email. The POP3 protocol is used to deliver non-Hotmail e-mail to a Hotmail inbox. On the flipside, Hotmail's "Send As" feature lets users appear to send e-mail from their non-Hotmail account. In other words, Microsoft is porting basic functions from e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook to the Web.

Microsoft is hoping EASI ID will mean more people consolidating their multiple e-mail addresses into Hotmail. Even if they don't switch, the implementation means users can try out what Hotmail has to offer without much effort (over 30 million people currently use Windows Live ID with a separate e-mail address). As you can see in the screenshot above, Microsoft's example shows a Hotmail inbox that is integrated with a Gmail account.

"Implementing this was fairly straightforward given the architecture of Hotmail, our POP aggregation support, and the 'Send As' feature that lets you send mail from any validated email address," Dick Craddock, group program manager for Windows Live Hotmail, said in a statement. "We just needed to tweak the way we store and look up email addresses, build the first-run experience, and we had it."

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bakape said:

Hasn't gmail had this feature for years now or am I wrong?

Puiu Puiu said:

i've been using this feature for long time now on gmail. (unless i read the new wrong and it's talking about something else)

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

People still use Hotmail? :p

vangrat said:

So now you can setup your hotmail and gmail to read each other's emails, therefore, anytime you log into either of your email accounts you can get spammed...fantastic! (jk of course)

kazarm said:

When the IMAP protocol is implemented I will find it interesting.

I have been using Gmail with Thunderbird/IMAP for years and would not settle for only POP3.

Flipcharm said:

MS is so late to this. Again. I wonder why we're wondering

KG363 KG363 said:

My Windows Live mail has been telling me to do this for months. I don't think it's very new

taea00 said:

Yay now I can spam from my 2000 spam accounts right from Hotmail! I'm not sure which is funnier, Microsoft finally getting around to this, or the fact they think it's news.

akannitaoheed said:

I wouldn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Yahoo for yahoo, hotmail for hotmail etc

Breech said:

I have accounts across the board and I finds Gmail to be the best of the bunch. Hotmail and Yahoo seem a little sluggish in comparison.

peterbezemer said:

too little, too late

UT66 said:

something something gmail something something dont care MS

mtrenal said:

Personally this seems to me like another attempt by MS to regain its old monopoly... a very bad attempt, at that. There doesn't seem to be anything novel about this.

Tedster Tedster, Techspot old timer....., said:

I must get about 20 to 40 phsing emails every day in my hotmail account. I only use my hotmail address when I buy stuff or need an email on a website I don't trust. Hotmail's spam filter sucks big time. I use gmail for real mail I I seldom if ever get spam.

ruzveh said:

Why to use hotmail when gmail provides all the basic functionality. It would be good to use email service of them who dont download all the mails like IMAP service. I am very happy with gmail and might continue using it

Serag said:

Hotmail's interface is very slow and the new style is too social to be useful, i'm considering doing the same thing but on my Gmail account.

lawfer, TechSpot Paladin, said:


Gmail has had this for ages...

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Hotmail's skydrive integration is a cool feature, and you can attach 50mb attachment with hotmail, whereas the limit for gmail is 25mb. Total size of attachments can be 10Gb whereas with gmail its only 25mb.

Microsoft also integrated Hotmail with Office Web Apps, enabling users to view and edit documents online, without having to install an office suite.

The active view feature doesn't work only for YouTube (gmail only works with YT by the way), it's enabled for many other sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), so you can accept invitations or reply to a Twitter message directly from Hotmail.

There's also a feature that lets you create a single-use password for signing in on public computers.

So, google too have a few things to do to catch up with the new Hotmail in some areas, but that's a good thing. Competition is what makes products better resulting improved experience for all of us.

Now it took me about 1 minute to dig these few differences; I'm sure you can search for more.

By the way I use Yahoo as my default mail for so many years, just out of habit

miggypublic said:

Too late for MS to come up with this kind of feature - although nice attempt to regain old hotmail users.

bugejakurt said:

LOL. About time! Ammmm if I'm remembering correctly Hotmail already had this feature.

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Hmm I wonder where is CC when his TMS consultancy is required.

f111 said:

Archean said:

Hotmail's skydrive integration is a cool feature, and you can attach 50mb attachment with hotmail, whereas the limit for gmail is 25mb. Total size of attachments can be 10Gb whereas with gmail its only 25mb.

LOL cause i want to attach 200 50mb files to 1 email.

Gmail is fine for me.

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

LOL cause i want to attach 200 50mb files to 1 email.

Gmail is fine for me.

Who said it (gmail) isn't 'fine' for anyone? Next time it would be more prudent if you contribute something useful with your comments.

sMILEY4ever said:

They seem to be a bit late with this.

Leeky Leeky said:

Skydrive is pretty cool, but it annoys me that I can't increase my storage. Also, why give a 25GB size for your skydrive, but only allow 5GB for Live mesh! It's crap, even if the service is excellent.

I only use hotmail for my email address, which has junk sent to it, everything else goes through gmail with my other email addresses all using gmail too. I just don't find hotmail/live mail to be flexible enough for my emailing needs.

Gmail annoys me too, as it only allows a total of 6 email addresses (1 is gmail), and I have 10 for various different addresses related to my domains. That said, gmail is pretty cool in allowing you to use multiple email addresses by adding + and then whatever you want to create a custom one (e.g. joe.bloggs+whatever text you want to add here - It works really well with filters in place, as you can filter your custom email address to hit a certain folder rather than the inbox, etc.

I still prefer my personal email addresses through my domain though. Its nice having my name after the @ symbol.

ZipZpZowie said:

I don't see the big deal. I have my road runner account set up to send email to another eail account as a back up. I'm pretty sure this idea has been available for years.

dlen said:

This is the same functionality as gmail has. Finally Microsoft is going to add it. Previous functionality where e-mails were tagged as '..send on behalf of ..' wasn't good enough. Maybe I will move my account to hotmail?

frodough said:

hotmail when i was a kid, yahoo mail when i was in high school, gmail now, and never looked back. but i still use my hotmail acct occasionally for bing and yahoo mail for fantasy sports, if google offer those and got my friends to move, i'm gone

silvershad0w said:

microsoft still playing catchup with google? i think so.. this is a great feature for existing hotmail users who are already established and use to the service's interface. however, i would not hesitate to recommend gmail over hotmail. the interface on hotmail is typically clunky and slow. i cannot say that this is entirely true but id like to shed some light on the issue of hotmail being more vulnerable to security threats than gmail. both services have had their security breaches in the past, hotmails being the cause of a vulnerability in the system rather than google being a victim of the horrid IE6. google was more proactive in addressing the threat as best that they could and went as far as to enable ssl by default when connecting to the service. the battle of google vs. microsoft goes on

Technochicken Technochicken, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I've been doing this on my gmail since I have had it. I've never really liked the layout of hotmail either.

blimp01 said:

Great, I really like the hotmail interface so Ill see if this works for me

HaMsTeYr HaMsTeYr said:

and why... Would I do this. You make it sound as if I miss hotmail.

hitech0101 said:

Finally now they have realized they are behind & they need to take these kind of measures to get back.This move is going to take all mail users by storm.After years of research & countless money input they come up with this brilliant idea.Microsoft is surely headed backward in the right direction.

kaonis92 said:

There are taking steps forward after the competitions has left them dissapear!

jazboy said:

this is much needed service for Hotmail specially when its available on gmail.

xcelofjkl said:

So how many emails do you have? I have one yahoo for spam and random website accounts, one gmail for work-related emails, and one hotmail for personal emails. Ha Ha.

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