Will Microsoft update Windows Phone 7 on a monthly basis?

By on December 12, 2010, 2:06 PM
Following the first update to Windows Phone 7 in January 2011 at CES, which will introduce copy and paste functionality, Microsoft is planning to unveil a second one the following month at the Mobile World Congress. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will hold a keynote at the event, marking one year after the company first unveiled the rebirth of its mobile operating system.

Microsoft's second update will be a significant one as it will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications. "The update includes some great new features for developers, Windows Phone 7 apps in 2011 will certainly become more interesting," according to an anonymous source quoted by Winrumors. Microsoft will reportedly open up several new APIs that will allow improved multitasking, in-app downloads, and better customization.

The rumored schedule (an update in January and an update in February) makes us wonder if Microsoft would be able to release Windows Phone 7 updates on a monthly basis. So far, it doesn't look like it since the first one is reserved for next year. That being said, if Microsoft could start delivering an update every month in 2011, the company would definitely be able to gain on Android and iOS.

Microsoft is currently refusing to reveal Windows Phone 7 sales numbers. It is also not saying when it hopes to gain on its competitors in terms of features nor in terms of market share. Frankly, we knew that Microsoft was in it for the long run, so we're not too worried that the company is keeping quiet about results. Nonetheless, it's not helping perceptions of the operating system's potential.

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aj_the_kidd said:

Theres nothing really about windows 7 phones that makes me wanna switch and personally i wouldn't want monthly updates

vipor231 said:

the fact you have to update multiple times in windows is crazy,everytime i turn around there is an update...

Flannelwarrior said:

Constant updates is typical Microsoft, right?

treeski treeski said:

I like monthly updates for Chrome, Windows (weekly even), and ATI/AMD graphics cards (just about monthly I think), so I'll be perfectly happy with WP7 monthly updates. I don't understand why anyone would want to wait longer for new features or security fixes.

Guest said:

+1 for treeski

Guest said:

I agree with treeski..

Guest said:

i agree with treeski

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I would add one more thing to tree's comment, more rapid updates cycle means that MS is working harder to complete the OS and bring it on par or even better than rival offerings. I have used WinMo for ages, and frankly when I compare Android based office with MS office Mobile suite, it is frankly rubbish; I wouldn't have bothered with Android at all, had they brought a complete OS to the market in the first place. Anyway, its better late then never.

fpsgamerJR62 said:

I'm all for monthly updates as long as it adds new features and functions and not the "Patch Tuesday" that we get on our PCs every month.

Guest said:

Title should read:

Will Microsoft ever release an operating system that isn't riddled with security holes and in constant need of patching?

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

@Guest #12

Ignoring your 'considerably inept' remark for a moment, do you know of any operating system which has ever shipped without any security holes/issues in it, and/or have never been patched afterwards?

jimmyfal said:

Everyone I show this phone to agrees, it's ***** proof, and massively functional. Lack of direct sync to Outlook without the cloud is a huge glaring point with a lot of folks. And lack of document sync is too.

BUT, you give me an update a month, and that is what I EXPECT from MS at this point. Time to surpass, instead of playing catch up. The time is NOW. I want smaller Zune devices and a goddamn tablet while they are at it. Sooner rather than "in time".

Wagan8r Wagan8r said:

Guest said:

Title should read:

Will Microsoft ever release an operating system that isn't riddled with security holes and in constant need of patching?

Funny. Neither this article nor complaints about WP7 have anything to do with security holes. And just for your information, there is no such thing as a perfectly secure operating system. Every OS has security holes. If it can be made, it can be compromised.

But back to the article. This is music to my ears, since I will be getting a WP7 phone. I'm glad to see that Microsoft won't be leaving me out in the cold.

yukka, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I ordered my HTC H7 today and give a thumbs up to monthly updates. I would prefer fast bug fixes and feature releases compared to Apples incredibly slow restrictive method (waiting for new entire versions to add features people want while crippling older phones like my now to be retired Iphone 3G).

I'm a mobile switcher and I have gone from Apple back to good old MS. Cant wait to write apps for it too using the same tools I use at work.

jimmyfal said:

The HD7 is the phone that my Iphone buddies are jealous of, big time on the screen especially. MS is SO close this time, SO SO close. Time to pour it on man.

Guest said:

I just love the W.....8r_s of the world. Just oh so ready to swallow whatever "spin" a desperate corporation throws at them. Attaching their own identity so strongly to that of what they consume that they will bend over backwards to try to justify whatever drivel is spewed out by their brand and its thinly disguised fanzine.

Yes please. Give me 175 "making it even better than the best!" updates per day. I'd much rather spend my day under the delusion of "wow I'm just constantly getting MORE for my money - what a deal" than the realization that "this is a pre-baked product released in a chaotic hurry in the hopes of trying not to lose even more market$hare and requiring constant mending to make it stable and competitive that we will push upon our victims as "bonus features".

W......8r probably believes that the US were the victims of the Vietnam War and is still wondering when those dastardly Vietnamese will finally release the thousands of kidnapped and tortured US MIA/POW's they're hiding. You may just have to go over and "get'em out" yourself there Rambo. ;)

jimmyfal said:

Is that a question?

yRaz yRaz said:

@ guest 2:14pm WTF are you talking about? I want updates, don't care if the OS is perfect or not. It's dumb not to update. I hope you're one of the people who doesn't update their phone and gets data stolen or a virus. THEN you will realize how important it is to update.

Guest said:

Name one OS that does that.... Troll.

Guest said:

Ya Guest, you big Troll. Microsoft spent 6 years perfecting the upgrade from XP that came to be known as Vista. And even it was a piece of crap when released but Microsoft cared so much that they even went so far as to charge another 200$ to us to fix it (windows 7). And multimedia is still broken on it making it useless for professional audio. But I know Microsoft cares more than any of the other companies and will mercifully only charge another 200$ for Windows 8 to not fix it.

And to think that those miscreants at Apple have the nerve to give away a full blown ultimate version of OS X for FREE with every computer they sell or 29$ for an upgrade that even provided more new features than Windows 7 from Vista. Not only that, that dastardly OS X even functions as a stable low-latency professional audio and video workstation and can be found in virtually every high-end studio.

God, we're so lucky that we have a company like Microsoft to love us. Bring on the endless patches and triple digit fixe$, uhh, I mean astounding upgrades!

Archean Archean, TechSpot Paladin, said:

with every computer they sell or 29$ for an upgrade

Other shenanigans aside, Apple sells their hardware (which is similar to every PC now) for significantly more price than the competition hence, they pretty much charge you guys before they 'actually' give you the next upgrade of OS, now that is pretty smart business model to rip users and get away with it as well.

jimmyfal said:

The Apple distortion field is their best product. Thank god for ****** that can afford to spend way too much for stuff. I mean it really is ridiculous at this point.

Arris Arris said:

Any update is better than "none" which is pretty much what I got for my Win 6.1 device.

The "update" stopped working soon after they announced there would be no Win 6.5 update for my device. Not sure who I was more disappointed with, HTC or M$.

Whoaman said:

I know this article is about phones but.... someone gifted me a 13" Macbook Pro last year. I always heard they were overpriced and so wouldn't even consider buying one. Started farting around with the gift and, somewhat shocking to me, really liked it. First thing I did was throw my Windows 7 on it using the Boot Camp that comes with it. Bizarre - this little beast of a machine was a treat to use Windows 7 on - runs it FAST and flawlessly. Eventually I dipped into the Apple OS to see if there was anything there. Shock #3, once I'd spent a bit of time looking under the hood and learning my way around I realized that this OS was pretty darn good and much deeper than I had been lead to believe. I can't believe it but I now spend more time in the Apple OS than Windows. An I actually enjoy using the damn thing. Plus TONS of battery life, it's light, and it feels like it could really take a beating.

Truth is, even though I got this one for nothing, I think it more than worth the extra couple a hundred bucks. Even if you can find a similarly featured Windows laptop to compare it to, once I spend half a day to remove all the crapware from it, then spend a few hundred bucks to take another bunch of hours to upgrade it to Ultimate, I'm pretty much already behind the dollar-ball. And then I'm stuck with a laptop that I'd be lucky to get half 1/3 of the battery life out of, 1/2 the support, 1/2 the time until rendered obsolete, 2/3 the build quality, and as it turns out, 1/2 the day to day pleasure of using a well built machine.

I know Apple as a company has some ego issues but I'm very much beginning to believe that if there is a distortion field, it's most likely being funded by Microsoft. Just like they fund the anti-google group.

The more I think about it, the more I think I've been had with all the money and plenty of hassle in return I've gotten for being a Microsoft customer. The way they copy protect everything makes ME feel like the criminal even though I've paid through the teeth!

The guest? commenter is really out there but a few of his points hit a little too close to home.

jimmyfal said:

Your right, it's a phone thread, and your cover was blown in the first sentence.

Whoaman said:

Your right, it's a phone thread, and your cover was blown in the first sentence.


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