Game Boy Pocket emulator shown off for Windows Phone 7

By on January 24, 2011, 10:34 AM
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is apparently quite capable of running a Game Boy emulator, on Silverlight and all. The emulator is still a work in progress, but the important thing to remember is that it works so far, opening up the possibility for many more emulators for the platform.

The creator, Samuel Blanchard, writes that the emulator is far from complete. He says that it lacks RAM management and the ability to backup the game state, but he says games are still playable. He also emphasizes that the display is very quick, thanks to a trick he will discuss in a future article. This is all written and French, and so is the video demonstration:

Unfortunately, an app like this will never be available on Windows Marketplace for Mobile. When the NES emulator was developed by Matt Bettcher, Microsoft said it broke the Intellectual Property law, so it wouldn't be allowed in the Microsoft's app store. Fortunately, the homebrew community will definitely make sure apps like this get into the right hands. In case you missed it earlier this month, you can see a video of the NES emulator below:

Emulators always get us a little excited since they bring back memories from our childhood. That being said, we're wondering: if you have a smartphone, do you have an emulator on it?

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treeski treeski said:

I'm using a WP7... no emulators yet :P I don't know what the accessibility is of the above emulators, but either way, I'll wait to see what happens with Microsoft and their potential openness with the homebrew community before I go about jail-breaking my phone.

hassaan said:

Supposedly MS is adding a "Homebrew Market" where things like this could be placed. Time will tell how much MS embraces the homebrew devs.

Guest said:

I've been using emulators on my pocket pc since the early 2000's.. what's the holdup for the phones?

madboyv1, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Coolbeans. replay all my favorite gameboy/NES/SNES games on my phone... far better than most of the games you can get nowadays... Nintendo should take a hint and look into expanding Virtual Console to phones and even their own handhelds (looking at you DS...), I know a dozen people with flashcarts for their DSs (some of them moved to PSP) to play japanese games/older games that would probably pay for the download to play natively.

Guest said:

I've been using ScummVM on my android. A lot of the games work well with the touch interface.

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