iPhone 5 Assistant detailed, 1GB of RAM and A5 SoC required

By on September 26, 2011, 11:00 AM

Apple’s iPhone 5 will reportedly ship with 1GB of RAM in addition to the previously pegged A5 SoC found in the iPad 2. The additional memory and processing power will be required to operate one of Apple’s biggest changes in the next-generation iPhone, according to 9to5Mac.

The new feature will be called Assistant and is based on Apple’s acquisition of Siri, a developer from the App Store that had released a well-designed voice navigation app before being scooped up by Cupertino.

Sources say that Assistant takes the current Voice Control function to a whole new level, offering seemingly endless possibilities. Assistant can tap into many of the iPhone's other features to accomplish varying tasks.

For example, you can tell the program to make an appointment with John Smith for 5:00pm and Assistant will create an entry in the user’s calendar. The Reminders and Maps applications are also available, meaning you could ask the phone how to get to the airport and it will pull up directions in Maps based on your current location.

The report also notes that Assistant can create SMS or iMessage texts for you. You could say “send a text to Shawn saying I am hungry,” and Assistant will compose and send it for you. Of course, you can have Assistant read the translated text back to you before sending to ensure accuracy.

Assistant is said to work so accurately that you don’t have to speak slowly, clearly or in a robotic tone. If it actually works as seamlessly as 9to5Mac describes, this could be a key marketing point for Apple. Being able to send texts or queue up directions without having to take your eyes off the road, for example, is promising.

Apple’s Tim Cook is expected to introduce the next iPhone at a media event on October 4.

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gobbybobby said:

OMG mobile devices are getting powerful.

Guest said:

I hope it works... That will be key to stopping the driving while texting epidemic.

Guest said:

Hard to believe, its not like a AI so... will be limited with flaws.

Guest said:

As if Android OS hasn't had great Voice Recognition support for years, and it only keeps getting better. Everything described here, you can do with ease in Android OS. Navigate to, Map of, Go To, Text, Call, Email, Set Alarm, are just a few of the commands you can speak to your Android phone with nearly flawless recognition. It's all integrated with the Google cloud which makes it even more sweet- ie I can say Call Papa Johns and it will call the nearest one based on my GPS location.

Guest said:

"As if Android OS hasn't had great Voice Recognition support for years"

Yeah - that. This article makes it sound like Apple's invented some new "magical" technology ;)

Guest said:

Last time I tried it, it didn't work worth a damn on my android phone. When I try to call someone on their mobile number ("call name mobile") it tries to send them a text about half the time instead. It doesn't recognize "F off you piece of Shh..." either when I get frustrated after trying to call someone 5 times and having it continually try to text or sometimes calling someone else altogether. Maybe after the Froyo update (fascinate) it's better? I haven't tried due to previous frustration.

1977TA said:

I have a Mytouch 4G with Gingerbread 2.3.4. The speech commands are awesome. I had a Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo 2.2, the commands didn't work so hot. I'm pretty positive it has to do with the phone itself vs the software.

But yeah, Apple's "assistant" isn't anything new.

spydercanopus spydercanopus said:

I hope you don't have to speak like a robot for it to understand..

Guest said:

quote: "Assistant is said to work so accurately that you don't have to speak slowly, clearly or in a robotic tone. If it actually works as seamlessly as 9to5Mac describes, this could be a key marketing point for Apple. "

Looking forward when Jarvis is built right in ;)

Guest said:

Beam me up, Scotty !!!

Guest said:

Call me crazy, but if one uses voice recognition technology to compose, check and send a text message, and the recipient uses text-to-speech technology to have the text message read to him/her, wouldn't it be much faster and easier to simply call the person and talk?

Guest said:

If both are available to call, then yes. Many are not in the position to call such as when I'm sitting in a courtroom waiting them to call my case. But I can text requests for documents to my office with aplomb!

Chazz said:

Windows has limited voice features and Mango adds a lot more, It's very nice that phones are doing this because I love this feature on my phone using mango beta.

Guest said:

Sounds like a Tom Waits song to me:

"Step right up" Step right up -it chops and dices, it steals your car, picks up the kids, makes excuses for the lipstick on your collar, mows the lawn, and it never needs winding!

Guest said:

Perhaps all these naysayers and nitpickers about "who had what and when" should look up something called "PlainTalk"...

Guest said:

So it's the same as Android voice control? Samsung take Apple to court for infringing patents please this is outrageous and have them stop the sale of the iPhone 5!

aj_the_kidd said:

I wonder if Steve Jobs voice will shout, "your holding it wrong" if you apply the death grip

Guest said:

Bullshit, it works great.

Obviously you do not have an Android and are just a Troll.

DanUK DanUK said:

That all sounds quite fancy will be interested to see how well it works. Looks like they're giving the phone a lot of juice, wonder how the battery life will fare. Would be nice to have a release date.

Guest said:

It would be great if I can update my facebook status with just saying it :D

Guest said:

Wow great. But I have had that for a couple of years on my Android. Iphone uses always look on with awe when it talk to my phone and it does whatever I asked it. Apple is falling behind again

Guest said:


They've almost caught up to the Galaxy S2 from January 2011!

Nefertiti said:

Hopefully this will work as promised, so far I haven't found one good Voice system. I've used the Sync system from Ford and it's HELL! I've never wanted to hurt a machine this bad in my life, even when my PC crashes and I lose work. When you live in a place with "non-english" names, it gets even worst, even the spelling wouldn't do it. And I pronounce just fine, thank you.

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