Rumor: Stripped down iPad mini could be coming early 2012

By Lee Kaelin on October 13, 2011, 9:30 AM

With Amazon's Kindle Fire already set to dominate the budget end of the tablet market, Apple could be looking to compete with a "mini" version of its iconic iPad. It is rumoured that the Cupertino-based company is working on a cheaper version of the current iPad 2.

An analyst named Brian White, who works for Ticonderoga Securities, noted to investors yesterday that he counted numerous meetings with technology supply chains at a Chinese trade show this week. "Our research is pointing to the unveiling of a lower priced iPad in the first few months of 2012 that is aimed at expanding the company's market potential by tapping into a more price sensitive consumer segment."

If the rumours become reality consumers should see a stripped down, full size version of the iPad up for sale early next year at the same price point the Kindle Fire is targeting. The "mini" is in reference to the price, not the size, "We believe this lower priced iPad could be priced in the mid-to-high-$200 range," he said.

The alleged iPad mini would be followed in the second quarter of 2012 by the release of a much more powerful, and regular priced iPad 3 model.

There is no denying that Apple will see the logic of offering a stripped down version of their iPad to compete directly against the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon. The latter looks set to seriously upset the undisputed dominance of Apple's iconic tablet, and with over 250,000 Kindle Fire pre-orders already, it's set to wipe the floor when compared to all but iPad tablet sales in the next 12 months.

Whether this rumour becomes reality is uncertain, but it is definitely worth watching out for as it could potentially knock the wind out of the Kindle Fire's expected runaway success.

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Guest said:

And they can call it, an iPod touch.

mario mario, Ex-TS Developer, said:

I definitely see Apple releasing a "stripped down" iPad at a ~$300 price. And as the article said, I'm certain that if they do it will be the same size.

MMDominator88 MMDominator88 said:

I can't wait till the Kindle Fire gets rooted and we can unleash its true potential

stewi0001 stewi0001 said:

Guest said:

And they can call it, an iPod touch.

second that lol!

Guest said:

Here we go again with the build up to another Apple careful not to disappoint...

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Since Apple prides itself on releasing one item with an optimized experience for that one item, how is a stripped down version going to work? They can take out cameras and GPSs and what not, but it it doesn't run the software as fast as other iPads, people will not be happy.

Julio Franco Julio Franco, TechSpot Editor, said:

I'm not too sure. Maybe things will change at Apple in the coming years but up until now they've mostly dedicated to offer premium products where margins are high. The only exception I can think of in recent years are iPods.

DokkRokken said:

A move like this would 'cheapen' the brand and it'd lose its 'exclusivity.' Not to mention the fanbase would have a fit because anyone who doesn't shop at American Apparel could afford one.

Guest said:

DokkRokken, you are absolutely correct.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I still think they might put out a 7" tablet at that price. Jobs was the one who said he'll NEVER put out a tablet. Now that he's gone, they can go ahead and do it. A 10" tablet for $200 would be nice, but as people have pointed out, there would be no profit margin, and then everyone would buy one, and that would lessen the conspicuous consumption aspect of buying an Apple product in the first place.

GameJunkie72792 GameJunkie72792 said:

Apple doesn't need to compete will Amazon. They have their market, they have their faithfuls.

Why make the brand seem cheap? It's Apple, it's expensive.

I will lose a little faith in Apple if they come out with a cheaper iPad.

I don't own one, I use an Android tablet, but I own several Macs and would hate to see them jump down just to compete.

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