Analyst suggests Yahoo could buy Netflix

By on January 5, 2012, 3:30 PM

Just one day after Yahoo officially announced PayPal President Scott Thompson as their new CEO, speculation is running rampant that one of his first moves at helm could be to purchase Netflix. This speculation is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to a recent appearance by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster on CNBC.

Yahoo’s decision to go with Thompson was questioned by many shortly after the announcement. While Thompson has done a great job with PayPal, Wall Street is concerned that he has no media background and has never been a CEO. Since the announcement, Yahoo shares have fallen to $15.59 as of writing. Stocks were trading at $16.35 before Thompson was named CEO.

Based on his lack of media background, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster feels that Yahoo is in a better place now because of Thompson. He noted that during a conference call with Thompson, the new CEO mentioned several times that Yahoo needs to amp up the amount of media, content and engagement on the site. Munster, wondering out loud during the interview, questioned if they should buy Netflix. He felt it would make a lot of sense because Yahoo could acquire Netflix “on the cheap” right now. 

Netflix shares, on the other hand, have shot through the roof based on Munster’s speculation. Shares were trading just north of $73 yesterday while they are currently commanding over $80 as of writing.

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howzz1854 said:

he's either the biggest ***** on revealing a post war strategy.... or he's got an leg in Netflix shares. i wouldn't mind Yahoo buying Netflix.... i think anyone at this point will do a better job than Hasting.

Guest said:

You should look @ what the CEO said. They don't need Netflix when Yahoo can offer the same thing in streaming. He is a thought. What if it was strictly advertising driven? You know like it used to be for the big networks. Free to the public! Netflix people would leave and Yahoo wins!

That is the real story.

Guest said:

If yahoo buys netflix, i'll stop using netflix. I can't believe they've followed in AOL's footsteps like they have. I tried to help a relative over the holidays stop using that stupiod yahoo webmail, and just use a light email client...only to find that she would have to pay a monthly fee to yahoo to do such a thing! Hotmail/Live mail is mail is free... and yahoo has to follow aol's decision of making people pay for email...or give it away free on a crappy web interface with way too many ads. Horrible.

Tedster Tedster, Techspot old timer....., said:

I will definitely cancel netflix if yahoo libtard news buys it. Yahoo constantly endorses the democrat party and I cannot tolerate it. I cancelled my paid email account with them a few years ago.

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