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By Thomas McGuire on April 22, 2003, 2:18 PM
I've not had much luck with this myself, so hopefully one of our readers might have been similarly puzzled & found an answer. In the Radeon Display Properties for Direct3D/OpenGL there's an option entitled "Texture Preference". The thing I'm interested in is what does it actually do, what's its point. The Help Files & anyplace else I've looked gave a vague description (& FIC never replied either) - though at that I can't see the point of adjusting its value over setting your Texture resolution settings in-game. Anyone out there know of any good info. on the setting? I've done a quick check at Rage3D Forums too without much luck. Thanks.

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MrGaribaldi said:
A search over @ Rage3d didn't come up with much, though I found [url=http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=
3680481&highlight=texture+AND+preference]this[/url]....In general it makes the textures look a bit crisper, and with the 9700pro you won't notice any difference in speed... Couldn't find anything over @ Beyond3d :(
TS | Thomas said:
Thanks, I actually saw that post earlier on :)I've not really had time to play with it too much, though alt-tabbing out & changing from high quality to high performance did nothing in Driver, can't say I notice any difference in a SOF 2 RMG map either. Bit wierd there's nothing solid about what it does.
TS | Thomas said:
Ok basically put - What's the difference between setting;Texture Preference to High Quality & Texture setting in-game to LowVTexture Preference to High Performance & Texture setting in Game to High.Guess I'll try ask ATi if I no-one else knows, just without understanding what it does it seems a bit of a dud option to be honest.
Federelli said:
Try [url]http://discuss.futuremark.com[/url]
StuRReaL said:
Its the different ways of texture handling i believe :) lowest setting converts to 16bit textures i believe, i think its mainly to do with accuracy i recommend playing Q3 taking some screenshots too see if it makes a difference :)
TS | Thomas said:
Far as I've seen there's a seperate setting to Force 16-textures. Dunno really, I can check screenshots meself, just I'd rather have some official on what it does rather than me just guessing what it does.
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