I'm already on-record about how fascinating Prison Architect is. Seriously, it's SimPrison — or ThemePrison, if you will — made by people who seem to be damn near fearless about making video games about uncomfortable topics.

The game is from the indie studio Introversion, who have also made the saddest/best game about nuclear war. I recently sent Introversion's own architects some questions about their newest work. They served up some fascinating answers about the possibilities of a game about building and running a prison.

I'd e-mailed my questions to Introversion's Chris Delay and Mark Morris a couple of weeks ago, after I'd started playing Prison Architect. I'd never played a game like this, never played anything a game that was about incarcerating human beings (and, no, I'd never played Dungeon Keeper). I was fascinated. I think you'd be, too, so do be aware that you could stop reading this now and start playing. The game's not finished, but you can pay to start playing it in its ever-evolving alpha state, through Steam or even directly from Introversion.

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