Found: The color difference that you see, it's all in your brain

By on September 9, 2013, 1:15 PM

Known as the Munker-White illusion, as explained in the video above, our brains process what we see within a certain context. The result is that you can seriously trick your eyes if you mess around with the correct parameters. In this case, you could swear two colors are different (they are not) and even after you are shown that, upon adding back context elements, the lightness difference and the color illusion is introduced back in.

As skeptic as I can be, not only did I pause the video a couple of times to make sure the video wasn't switching colors on the fly, but I took some screenshots to Photoshop and compared the colors. Can I trust my eyes? I can certainly not.

If you are looking for other equally impressive and fun science facts, AsapSCIENCE's YouTube channel appears to be a formidable way to get you started.

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1 person liked this | Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

"but I took some screenshots to Photoshop and compared the colors."

Beat me to it! Well thanks for saving me some time at least!

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

That cylinder one always blows my mind.

JC713 JC713 said:

This is fascinating.

p51d007 said:

I get this ALL the time from my customers. I've worked on office machines for 30 years. I'll get call after call about "the colors don't look right". Most of the time it is the brightness of their paper stock that is the problem. They calibrate it with say 92 bright, and then a few days later, use a different paper stock, that has a different reflective value and then the colors don't look right.

I carry a sample pad from a paper company, that has 15 "shades" of red through a black window, only showing a small square of color and it says "which one is red". Some look glossy, some look almost brown. When I open it up and show it to them, they say "oh, the paper makes that much difference?". Deeerrrrpppppp


My brain hurts... why do I punish it so?

RenGood08 RenGood08 said:

Most epic...and very interesting. I subscribed to them on YouTube and I posted this article on Facebook. Doubt any of my friends will get geeky over it like me...but its worth to put something worth seeing on there xD

1 person liked this | LNCPapa LNCPapa said:

Wait a minute... I thought we were your geek family?

hitech0101 said:

Watch Nat Geo's 'Test your Brain : Perception' loved it.

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