Flash performance and endurance is a tricky subject, but we're confident that Samsung's flagship, the SSD 840 Pro remains one of the best in both categories. We knew Samsung would really have to step things up next, it was only a matter of how, of course, and the company revealed that part at its annual global summit. Having aced its attempts at speed and durability, Samsung seems focused on solving flash's biggest sacrifices: size and affordability.

Its new SSD 840 Evo lineup has models spanning from 120GB to 1TB, with the largest costing only $0.65 per gigabyte thanks to its use of TLC NAND.

Meanwhile, the Evo drives promise solid performance courtesy of several ingenious features, including an SLC-based write cache ("TurboWrite") as well as a secondary caching system called RAPID (Real-time Accelerated Processing of I/O Data) that dips into system memory.

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