Cryptic tweets suggest Android 4.4 KitKat could launch on October 28

By on October 16, 2013, 5:30 PM

A pair of tweets from the Twitter account @KitKat have fueled speculation that Google's next Android refresh, controversially dubbed KitKat, is set to launch later this month. Specifically, many believe we could see the new software -- and perhaps a new gadget or two -- arrive on October 28.

In what may be a bit of a stretch, the general consensus is that the first image showing the Android KitKit logo with the tagline “everybody dance now” is a reference to C+C Music Factory’s 1990 debut album (and hit single) Gonna Make You Sweat. Members of the group were previously in a house-music group called The 28th Street Crew -- it’s the 28th that web users have picked up on from the first visual clue.

The second image contains the tagline “Sometimes you have to look for the signs…” and shows a series of KitKat candy bars arranged to spell out “This Is It.” This could be a reference to Michael Jackson’s 2009 American documentary / concert film which just happened to be released on October 28.

Make of it what you will but a late-October release certainly seems plausible given Google’s track record. Last year, the search giant announced Android 4.2, the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 all on October 29. Given the KitKat revelations, does that also mean we might see the Nexus 5 officially surface on the 28th, too?

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OneSpeed said:

Why is Kit Kat controversial?

Guest said:

Excellent question my friend

1 person liked this | St1ckM4n St1ckM4n said:

Why is Kit Kat controversial?

Because it is the brand of a product already, not a generic term like every other release.

MilwaukeeMike said:

Why is Kit Kat controversial?

It's more interesting? Who knows. The fact that it's a brand name was settled in the very first story about Kit Kat. They talked to Nestle and got permission, the 'controversy' was over before it started.

And please let's not start playing C&C Music Factory... it's still too early. We're just getting around to disco with daft punk and I think it's still too early for that. Although I will go on record saying I'm completely ok with skipping ahead to a 90's hit and ignoring the previous decade just in case someone thinks Jessie's Girl would make a good Android promotion.

misor misor said:

So K is no longer 'key lime pie' but is officially 'kit kat' and L is now 'lime pie' ? ( seriously, I forgot how/when google made the naming switch for K and I have no idea what L will be.)

Guest said:

L = lemon juice

misor misor said:

In what may be a bit of a stretch, the general consensus is that the first image showing the Android KitKit logo

typo error. not sure where to report. 'kitkit' in a philippine local language means to nibble.

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