EA Desert Strike trademarks could hint at series revival

By on December 4, 2013, 8:15 AM
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Electronic Arts has filed for two new trademarks concerning a game labeled "Desert Strike."  If that title doesn't sound familiar to you, it's probably because you're too young to remember it. That particular shoot'em up was released "way back" in 1992. The isometric title had players controlling a helicopter for most of the journey, mowing down units and anti-aircraft weaponry. Desert Strike was "slower" than other titles of the same era, employing a much more strategic angle to its gameplay. It wasn't just how fast you could fire your guns at something, it was about placement, and tactical movement. 

Do these new trademarks hint at the possibility that EA is going to revive the series for the next generation of gaming? That is a legitimate possibility, and it would be incredibly entertaining to see such an archaic game re-imagined as a fully-3D tactical military romp. The above screenshot showcases what the original title looked like in its prime. Back then, it was released for a variety of platforms including the SNES and the Sega CD. It also saw a slew of sequels including Urban Strike, Jungle Strike, Nuclear Strike, and Soviet Strike. 

EA has recently been struggling with one of its popular military franchises, Medal of Honor. Perhaps the company is moving away from the MoH series and is re-adopting Desert Strike in hopes of reviving some revenue. Whatever the reason, I am hopeful that we do see some new Desert Strike titles in the near future and it will be very interesting to see just how they turn out with next-gen software at developers' fingertips. 

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1 person liked this | Taharial said:

Those games were so much fun and I wouldn't mind seeing a revival. I loved the sound it made when you'd hover over ammo or fuel and you'd hook onto it and drag it back into your chopper.

2 people like this | SalaSSin said:

Good memories! I had it on Sega Mega Drive. 11 years old in 1992, 21 years later and still a gamer

2 people like this | Guest said:

"Those games were so much fun and I wouldn't mind seeing a revival. I loved the sound it made when you'd hover over ammo or fuel and you'd hook onto it and drag it back into your chopper."

I can confirm that was the single memory that stands out from that game

the hook

I remember that game still I was 10 years old

matrix86 matrix86 said:

Almost every time I turned my GameBoy on, I had to play this game at some point. I absolutely loved it.

TitoBXNY TitoBXNY said:

One of my favorite games!

Ravey Ravey said:

An awesome game!

I wouldn't want it turned into a 3D FPS / Flight sim game though. It would be desert strike.

I hope if they make a revival of this that they keep the isometric view.

A lot of current games have had a lot of success with this. Just look at Starcraft, Diablo, League of Legends.

Hmmm a MOBA style Desert Strike??? That could be all kinds of fun.

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