Although the Steamroller cores in AMD's Kaveri-based A8-7600 APU brought a notable boost in CPU efficiency, it felt like the company was mostly focused on gaming performance with last month's update. The A8-7600 wasn't much faster than last year's A10-6800K, but it was quick enough to power modern titles such as BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider without help from a discrete graphics card.

At the same time that AMD is beginning to deliver on a years-long promise of single-chip PC gaming, its effort toward Crossfiring integrated graphics with discrete graphics is finally maturing. Currently, Kaveri APUs can only be paired with one of two discrete GPUs: the Radeon R7 240 and R7 250. Both are sub-$100 cards that we wouldn't typically recommend gamers invest in, but when combined with the A10-7850K's on-die GPU, we could see performance that has bigger implications for value-oriented builders.

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