When I returned from Computex a few weeks ago, I picked up the box of the next review unit in the waiting line. It was the Nokia X, the company’s first Android-powered phone from a new product segment meant to slot in between the low-end Asha feature phones and Lumia smartphones.

Despite reading a few pieces on the Nokia X, nothing really prepared me for the first time I used it. Surely a handset released in 2014, even if it is at the lower end of the product tree, couldn’t be performing this poorly.

Once I finished the setup process I was dumped into Nokia’s custom homescreen layout, again fighting my way through lag to check out some apps and find the settings screen. It was time to get my contacts sorted through the usual method of syncing my Google account, but oh wait, there’s no Google integration, Nokia overlooked this critical Android feature!

…and this was just the beginning of my time with the Nokia X.

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