It's been about six months since OCZ released its Trion 100 SSD series targeting value-orientated consumers, and despite featuring premium TLC NAND flash from parent company Toshiba, pricing wasn't exactly competitive on arrival. The drives were notably more expensive than the Samsung SSD 850 Evo and Crucial BX100.

OCZ promptly addressed this issue, but even today the Trion 100 series comes at a slightly higher cost per gigabyte than Samsung's TLC series. It's also significantly slower and based on what we've read online its reliability is also questionable.

With the Trion 100 series floundering about, OCZ is looking to replace it with the Trion 150 SSD, a slightly cheaper revision that should improve performance and reliability. Namely, OCZ is moving away from Toshiba's A19nm TLC NAND in favor of its newer 15nm TLC NAND. While throughput specifications remain the same, OCZ says users should see up to a 50% increase in performance in many real world cases such as file transfers and this is obviously something we will be looking at closely.

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