One of the more exciting tech buys I recall making was my first truly large TV. It's been about 5 years now since I picked up a 55” LED TV for the living room to replace an older 42” Samsung model. After promptly mounting the shiny new display, the next step was to attach the home theatre PC, a capable machine of its time, though gaming wasn’t really on the agenda.

While I have longed to play first person shooters on the big screen, getting the keyboard and mouse setup in a way that makes them usable is no easy task. With plans to acquire a much larger 4K screen soon, being able to enjoy the latest shooters and real-time strategy games with the same level of comfort that I do in my office would be amazing.

Attempting to make this dream a reality is the Corsair Lapdog. Dubbed as the "Gaming Control Center" the Lapdog allows you to take a gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard and place it comfortably on your lap.

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