LG has tried something a little bit different with the G5. While its predecessor was a decent handset with a solid collection of features, it didn’t sell as well as LG was hoping due to strong competition from Samsung and Apple. So instead of just iterating, they've completely redesigned their flagship to include new ideas in an attempt to capture the eyes of buyers. It’s a bold move by LG, and in this case I’m not sure it was the right one.

So what are these new ideas LG has brought to the G5? The biggest and most obvious one is the modular design, which sees the battery slide out the bottom of the handset attached to a swappable module. This gives LG the ability to sell additional modules that pack in other features, and it makes the G5 the most flexible handset on sale today.

LG has also given the G5 an all new design that finally includes actual metal. The camera system has seen an upgrade as well, with the rear module now packing two cameras, one for normal shots, and one with a wide angle lens. And of course internally LG has used Qualcomm’s new and extremely powerful Snapdragon 820 SoC.

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