Overwatch has only been out for a week, but it’s already a phenomenon. Even people who have never played Overwatch are getting sucked into its orbit through fan fiction, cosplay, memes and porn. That’s because Overwatch is not really a game as much as it’s an event.

Normally, hype tells you nothing concrete about a game, but the hype around Overwatch has become a key part of the experience. The excitement around the game acts as a testament to Blizzard’s dedication to craft, refinement, and iconic character design.

Everything about Overwatch is character-driven. The game technically has a story—there was once an international task force of heroes who banded together to restore peace under a banner called ‘Overwatch’—but the game itself is pretty divorced from that lore. If you’ve never watched any of the (excellent) short on YouTube or read any of the comics, you could play Overwatch without ever knowing what it’s about. The specifics don’t matter that much.

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