You'd be forgiven for not noticing, but this time last year Intel debuted its 5th-generation Core architecture codenamed Broadwell. On the desktop, Broadwell kept the LGA1150 socket used by Haswell before it, with only two processors ever released: the Core i7-5775C and Core i5-5675C, with no Core i3 or any other models.

Perhaps the most enticing processors to arrive in the past few years for the performance crowd were those of the Haswell-E range. The Core i7-5820K has been a popular choice among enthusiasts: at $390 it isn't much more expensive than flagship Skylake and Broadwell CPUs while boasting additional cores, cache, and potential performance. Furthermore, at the head of the Haswell-E family we find the 8-core 5960X, a $1,050 part aimed at power users.

Two years later, it may be time to say farewell. Intel has officially unveiled Broadwell-E, which consists of four processors covering 6, 8 and 10-core configurations. These chips differ quite a bit in terms of specifications and pricing, all the more reason to explore them in better detail.

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