Corsair isn't the only company trying to capture the market of PC gamers who are sneaking sessions in on their couch. Razer has come up with an interesting yet vastly different alternative with its new "Turret." It is compact, wireless and comes with everything you need to get gaming right out of the box.

Sitting next to the Lapdog we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, the Turret looks rather underwhelming and if we're honest, it's ill-equipped to take on Corsair's behemoth. Likewise, the Lapdog can't compete with what the Turret offers either. As I see it, the Lapdog is for the serious gamer -- the enthusiast, if you will. It's more focused on high-end hardware and, as is so often the case, it becomes less practical for it. Pricing aside, having to plug cables in every use and then coil them up afterward is only something a select few will opt into.

I suspect casual gamers will prefer a solution they can quickly grab and start playing, and this is precisely where the wireless Turret has an advantage.

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