As much as we love our powerful gaming PCs at TechSpot, we also appreciate the little things, such as the recently reviewed MSI Cubi 2 Plus or Asrock DeskMini 110. The DeskMini in particular has become somewhat of a favorite thanks to its flexible design and relatively low cost. Unfortunately, it has just one weakness and that's in graphics performance.

In an effort to capture some of the lucrative gaming market, Intel has developed a brand new NUC (Next Unit of Computing) targeting gamers with the Iris Pro Graphics 580. This new NUC (NUC6i7KYK) is said to be designed for intense game play.

Right out of the gate we can tell you this is by no means a cost effective gaming solution, regardless of the performance (unless it can outperform the new RX 480). The barebones NUC6i7KYK sells for $630 and requires you to bring your own storage, memory and operating system, which could easily push the price beyond $1,000, as was the case with our build.

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