2016 Flagship Killer. That’s the tagline that OnePlus used for the 2015 OnePlus 2, a claim that in hindsight seems ridiculous. It was a decent smartphone for the price, but it wasn’t the best phone of last year, let alone this year. OnePlus should have reserved this tagline for the OnePlus 3, because it is a superb piece of hardware at a very affordable price point.

It’s not just the hardware that impresses: OnePlus has finally ditched their ludicrous invite system, so anyone should be able to purchase the OnePlus 3 with relative ease. For a phone that’s sure to be popular over the next twelve months, availability is key.

Priced at $400, the OnePlus 3 does not compromise on hardware. This 5.5-inch handset is powered by a modern Snapdragon 820 SoC, and there’s a huge 6 GB of RAM complemented by 64 GB of storage as standard. There’s also a fingerprint scanner, USB Type-C, a 16-megapixel rear camera with OIS, and dual-SIM support.

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