As far as consumer-grade desktop monitors are concerned, Dell's UltraSharp line are consistently among the most highly revered. Back in January 2014 we reviewed Dell's first flagship 4K monitor, the massive 32-inch UP3214Q. Despite being the most impressive monitor TechSpot had looked at to date, the UP3214Q landed squarely in the early adopter category as evident by its tiled design, limited 60Hz connectivity options, and a wallet-weeping $3,500 initial MSRP.It was also met with a general lack of 4K compatibility, support, and content – none of which were really Dell's fault, but facts nevertheless.

All things considered, we advised the "average" reader to wait it out as substantial improvements were inevitably in store for its successor. Indeed, the successor – the UltraSharp 4K UP3216Q – hit the scene not all that long ago and with more than two-and-a-half years of industry maturation in tow, we revisit Dell's 32-inch 4K Ultra HD UltraSharp offering.

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