Initial concerns about Titanfall 2 on PC appear to have been uncalled for. Released on Xbox, PS4 and PC last Friday, members of the master race can look forward to vastly superior image quality in Titanfall 2 -- assuming you have the horsepower to pull it off -- which is precisely why we're here: to see exactly what kind of hardware you'll need to experience this game in all of its glory at 1080p, 1440p and 4K.

Featuring frantic combat and fluid mechanics, the original Titanfall was the sort of shooter you'd want to play on max quality with no hiccups, perhaps even across multiple graphics cards and monitors. Without delving into details just yet, we're happy to report that Titanfall 2 runs well on both Nvidia and AMD hardware. A lack of proper PC hardware optimization doesn't seem to be a problem here, though it seems to be having an initial issue with sales.

On the bright side, Titanfall 2 looks great and has been receiving plenty of positive reviews, so despite a weaker than expected online presence, the game does appear to be worth buying. Those of you pondering that purchase ought to have a good idea of what to expect performance-wise after reading on.

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