Having developed NAS products for more than a decade, QNAP now ships a massive range of devices for both enterprise and home environments. We've tested many of the company's offerings over the years and one of its most recent releases, the TS-x53A, just so happens to be on-hand today in its biggest form, touting eight drive bays, a Braswell quad-core SoC, and a heap of connectivity options.

Offered additionally in two ($448), four ($598), and six-bay ($792) versions, the TS-x53A is a broad series of new NAS boxes supporting QNAP's HybridDesk Station and QTS-Linux dual system features. This is said to be the first QTS-Linux dual system NAS geared for the Internet of Things era.

This is something I feel QNAP is doing much better than any of its competitors. By simply plugging in a keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor, the TS-853A pretty much becomes a PC and could certainly displace an HTPC. It's also possible to operate the Linux Station as a remote desktop via web browser for instant management.

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