2Cool PC Plus review

Overclocking is one highly popular method for increasing system performance – be it overclocking your CPU/motherboard, RAM or simply your Graphics card. All of these can improve performance greatly & all of them have 1 side effect – Extra heat. Heat leads to Hot devices, Hot devices leads to crashes/lockups. Lockups lead to the dark side (sorry).

The 2 Cool PC Plus (& regular) exist to eliminate a lot of this heat by blowing cooled air at the most effect components, most directly ISA/PCI/AGP expansion cards (Sound card, modem, graphics card, etc.) & indirectly it can cool your systems RAM & processor/motherboard by increasing air circulation. The 2 Cool PC features a fairly innovative design to most cooling systems around, by using 1 large fan it can blow cooled air both across & at effected devices.

So how well does it work? Read on.


Here’s the specifications of the 2 Cool PC & 2 Cool PC Plus.

2 Cool PC

2 Cool PC Plus

38 CFM 92x92x25mm Sleeve fan

Super High output 50 CFM 92x92x25mm Double ball bearing fan

2150 RPM

2450 RPM

0.2 Amp Power Draw

0.3 Amp Power Draw

24,000 Hour life expectancy

65,000 Hour life expectancy


Y Style Molex Power connection

Y Style Molex Power connection

Here’s a shot of the PC Cool Plus itself. The Standard version looks exactly alike as you’d expect (Only the power of the fan changes between versions).


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