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Abit BF6 motherboard review
Posted by Adam Klein on December 20, 1999
Company: Abit     Product: BF6 Slot 1 BX based motherboard

Abit has been my favorite brand of motherboards for some time now. This was mainly due to the awesome BH6 and Celeron 300 combo that I had running last year. Ever since then, I have bought Abit motherboards.

For my Celeron 366 I choose the Abit BX6 r2 to get me to 550MHz and it worked flawlessly. Later on, I got the P3 450 and still had the same Abit BX6 r2 motherboard. I was a little disappointed that the BX6 r2 couldn’t get me to 600MHz with my 8ns RAM, so I was stuck at 558MHz.

This was a fairly good speed for a 450MHz P3 and I was pretty much happy with it. Then, I received the Abit BF6 motherboard directly from Abit. I was curious to see what this motherboard could do with my RAM and CPU. I can tell you right now that I am extremely happy with the results I got from the board. Read on to see why.

Initial Impressions

When I first got the motherboard, I noticed that the memory, CPU slot and the BX chipset were very close together.

The BF6 contains all of the contact points on it to accommodate the HighPoint ATA66 controller. I used a Pentium III 450 CPU for all the testing, however I have an Alpha P3125  cooler installed on it, so it would be hard to install the CPU with the Alpha and still use my first DIMM slot. I still wanted to use the first DIMM slot and I also wanted to use the Alpha P3125 cooler, so I was in a bit of a dilemma.

I went our to my local hardware store and picked up a hacksaw, some sandpaper and some heavy-duty clippers. The bottom of the Alpha was clear, but the second row was in the way. I took the saw and made the second level of the Alpha fins as level as the bottom. Once I got the second level of fins cut to the same width as the bottom level, I sanded it to make sure it was smooth and that no stray piece of metal could come off.

Once I had the Alpha and DIMM problem taken care of, I was ready to plug in all of my other hardware and power on. I wanted to use the same installation of Win98 that I had used with my previous motherboard, however the BX6r2 has a completely different way to gather resources for Win98, so I knew I had to tweak things a bit in Win98 in order to configure the different resource settings for the BF6.


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