Abit KG7-RAID Socket A Motherboard Review

Abit is a highly regarded Motherboard manufacturer, with most of their Products garnishing awards. The KG7 RAID is one of their latest RAID capable Motherboards as well as support Athlon XP CPUs, DDR RAM & AGP 4. So let’s see how it stacks up…

As you may notice the Motherboard features no ISA slot – this shouldn’t be of much concern for most users though & hey, it’s the obligatory Motherboard screenshot.

Manual & Installation

In typical Abit fashion the Manual is well laid out, detailed & should cover everything you’ll need to know to setup your Motherboard – Everything from installing the CPU & heatsink to configuring your BIOS settings. As it happens updated Manuals can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Abit website as well.

Installing the motherboard itself was a resoundingly dull task. The only comment worthy item was that I felt it was a bit hard to get the restraining clamp for the heatsink attached correctly, though if it were to have been too loose I’d be complaining as well about it ;)

Other than that I inserted/connected all IDE devices, PCI, AGP cards, 256MB DDR RAM module & PSU without any problems. The first time I powered on the system I entered the BIOS & set about disabling all unrequired devices, e.g. Floppy drive & COM ports, & set the DVD drive to be the bootable device. After rebooting I then installed Windows XP Professional onto my newly reformatted Hard drive. Devices were detected as expected with 2 exceptions (Although I had expected these exceptions ;)) – Creative SoundBlaster Audigy & Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus. The Audigy, obviously was recently so recently as to not have XP Drivers available on the CD & according to Sigma Designs the WDM (Windows Driver Model) doesn’t correctly support Analog overlay, which the Hollywood Plus uses, thus no Drivers on the XP CD. Going to the respective websites I downloaded their XP Drivers & both devices functioned normally.

Test System

For using the KG7 – RAID it was installed with the following devices;

  • IBM Deskstar 75GXP Hard Drive – 30BG

  • Windows XP Professional

  • 256MB PC2100 DDR RAM

  • SoundBlaster Audigy Player

  • Videologic Vivid! XS Kyro 2 & Creative 3D Blaster Geforce Titanium 200

  • SupraMAX 56i Modem

  • Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus DVD decoder

  • Intellimouse Explorer

  • Pioneer 6X DVD Drive

  • 300 Watt Power Supply Unit

All latest Drivers available were installed as appropriate. The latest BIOS for the KG7 RAID was installed using Abit Flashmenu (Leaked version seemingly).

In the next page you will find KG7's Technical Specifications, if you want to skip those, go over here directly


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