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Abit VT6X4 motherboard review
Posted by Thomas McGuire on May 31, 2000
Company: Abit     Product:
Abit VT6X4 motherboard

The VT6X4 represents Abitís latest VIA based motherboard. It is a combination of ABITís sophisticated technology & VIAís Apollo Pro 133a chipset (VT82C694X and VT82C686A). On its face this motherboard offers the best of both worlds, support for the 133Mhz bus & support for PC133 RAM. The other motherboard/chipset that officially supports the 133Mhz bus is the latest Intel motherboards but you must use (ludicrously expensive) RDRAM with them, or SDRAM albeit with a severe performance hit.


Motherboard installation was uneventful & nothing out of the ordinary was required, just slot in the processor & RAM, hook-up the power supply to the motherboardÖ well you get the idea. The manual is very helpful for those of you out there that may be new to this sort of thing. So full marks to Abit for this.

For starters I installed the latest VIA drivers. To ensure maximum compatibility & bug fixes that they contain. Some people have said that the AGP driver is the 4.20 release is very slow although Iím running a PCI graphics card so I canít verify that but Tomís hardware can.

Abit even saw fit to give you an OS with the VT6X4, Gentus Linux. I havenít used it myself (given my limited hard drive space), but itís quite nice to see Linux being included by a major motherboard manufacturer.


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