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3D Spotlight : Hardware : ASUS V6600 GeForce Deluxe review


ASUS V6600 GeForce Deluxe review
Posted by Julio Franco on February 29, 2000
Company: ASUS     Product: V6600 GeForce Deluxe

ASUS Computer International, one of the big names in computers industry, is mostly known for being one of the top motherboard manufacturers worldwide, however they didn’t consider that was enough and instead of releasing new products in the motherboard market only, we have seen how they have used all their previous experience in the last few years and have expanded to other kind of hardware peripherals.

Actually we can say that lately ASUS has been doing strongly in the graphics cards market, although they have released products based in different chips the ones we have seen being pushed harder are the ones based on NVIDIA chips.

From the time of the original Riva TNT, then they continued releasing cards based on the TNT2 and TNT2 Ultra chips (ASUS AGP V3800) and now with the release of the NVIDIA GeForce 256 they are bringing us the AGP-V6600 series.

As most of you should know, the GeForce 256 is the “world’s first GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)”; actually all the hype behind that concept could be taken in consideration. When NVIDIA talks of a “GPU” they mean that the graphics chip will be taking care of a lot of rendering related processes that in the past had to be done in the CPU, that is, thanks to the embedded Transform and Lighting engine the GeForce has got.

Of course, the idea is to free up some of the CPU bandwidth, that would leave us with much more power and speed to play with, so that developers won’t have to worry of getting hardware limited, they can concentrate in making much better Artificial Intelligence than what we have seen so far, or just about anything the developers might have wanted to add before but didn’t have available the horsepower to do it.

Anyway, we are not going to concentrate in the GeForce chip features, I’m sure you have had enough from that already, but specifically on what does the AGP-V6600 has got to offer. Here we have the different configurations ASUS is offering:

AGP-V6600 Deluxe
- 32MB Frame Buffer
- VGA + Video-In + TV-Out + 3D Glasses (ASUS VR-100G Bundled)

- 32MB Frame Buffer
- VGA (optional ASUS VR-100G 3D Glasses)

You should also know that ASUS also offers the V-6800 (and its Deluxe configuration), which is pretty much the same card however this one uses DDR memory, which improves bandwidth considerably, hence it’s faster.

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