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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Cambridge DTT2500 5.1 speakers review


Cambridge DTT2500 5.1 speakers review
Posted by Thomas McGuire on May 10, 2000
Company: Cambridge Soundworks     Product: Desktop Theater 5.1 Digital

Ever since I purchased the FPS 1000 speakers last summer Iíve been interested in getting great audio from games & DVD films. With that in mind I decided recently to upgrade my speakers again.

Seeing as I have a SoundBlaster Live Platinum with its great digital speaker support I finally decided on upgrading to the Desktop theatre 5.1 DTT2500 Digital.


  • Each main, center & rear satellite speaker features a 2.5" long-throw speaker driver forrich, wide range sound. Main & center satellites equipped with 3m/9 ft cables. Rear satellites equipped with 5m/16ft cables.
  • The subwoofer features a 5.25" long-throw bass driver for high-impact bass output
  • High performance Dolby Digital decoder amplifier with built-in 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC).
  • A separate power supply adapter is included.


Almost ironically this was one of the longest installations Iíve ever went through. The main problem being that I didnít realize I had to pull the rubber tabs off the wires connecting to the speaker. As a result I was understandably disappointed to find that my incredibly cool looking speakers werenít giving any output. This problem could happen to others as well that get these speakers, as the manual isnít too precise in mentioning you have to remove the little tabs.

Other than that little mishap installation went fine. The speakers are a nice black colour & appearance wise are a lot nicer to look at than my older FPS 1000 speakers. They also appear sturdier & the stands that you use on the 2 rear speakers are an awful lot more stable than what the FPS 1000 had.

Instead of 3 thin, white cylindrical supports, this uses from 3 to 9 thick, black supports, held in place by a sturdy frame & 3 rubber tabs to keep it in place wherever your position them. All connections on the Decoder amplifier are clearly labeled so you should have no difficult whatsoever connecting the speakers once they have been assembled.

Overall, bar the minor incident with the rubber tabs, installation was a little time consuming but fairly standard in what needed to be done. I also needed to connect the Sound Blaster Live to the Live! Drive & Live! Drive to the Digital DIN & hook it up to the Digital DIN connection of the Digital amplifier on the DTT2500.


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