CPUfx's Water-Cooling Kit review

There are a few things you should take note of before you proceed with the reading. If you read my Leufken water cooler review a while ago, then you should know that Iím not using the same processor, the one I had then was a Duron 700mhz ĎAXCARí core, which isnít exactly the best breed of the Duronís availableÖ The one I have now is a ĎAKCA Zí and clocks in at 750mhz, this CPU is considered the best Duron/Spitfire core available to date.

If all those letter makes no sense to you, take a look at this article over at which explains it very nicely and also shows you a graph over all known steppings of CPUís available.

Also, you should take note that this water cooler is in a completely different league than the Leufken setup I tested before, which costs around $120. This one is more expensive selling for about $180Ö but enough with that, letís see if itís worth taking out the big wallet and going with CPUFXís water cooler.

The first impression you get when you receive the kit is that no money has been spared; everything is top-notch quality from the manual to the water block.

The radiator

The radiator has the same size as a 120mm fan. That could sound like an advantage to some, however something I disliked about it is that your only choice of fans are limited to a Sunon 120MM fan (or 2).

Donít get me wrong, it cools admirably well but that comes at a cost too; its rated sound level is 46db, way too high for me!

If you canít stand the noise level the Sunon fan creates, then do what I did: Go buy a 120MM Pabst fan, it does push 10cfm less air but the sound level is only 27db, and if you have done your homework you know that 3db equals to an increase of 100% in sound, this means that the Pabst fan is more than 600% less noisy than the Sunon fan!  

Of course you could also connect a ďvariable-voltage regulatorĒ and choose with that, a more appropriate sound level, with the downside that the fan will push less air of course, I did this with my Leufken rig.


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