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3D Spotlight : Hardware : ELSA ERAZOR III review


Posted by Adam Klein on July 15, 1999

If you are familiar with the ERAZOR II video board based on the original TNT chipset, then you know about this company called ELSA, a well known video board manufacturer that has been involved in PC equipment for 15 years. They are originated from the Technical University of Aachen in Germany.  ELSA has slowly increased the size of their company and is now able to bring their products to people all over the world. With the advent of the graphic card boom, ELSA took the advantage and began to bring video boards into the mix of PC peripherals ELSA offers. ELSA is also known for one of their well-known, very high-end board, GLORIA. The GLORIA is very expensive, so ELSA has available the ERAZOR and Synergy boards for high speed graphics without the hefty price tag.

Installation and Drivers

Graphics boards nowadays are very easy to install if you are familiar with the inside of your computer. The ERAZOR III is one of those “easy to install boards.” All I had to do was open up the computer, take out the previously installed Voodoo 3, then put the ERAZOR III in the AGP slot on my Abit BX6 r2 board.  I booted up the computer and Windows 98 SE found the board right and prompted me for the ELSA ERAZOR III drivers.


I installed the drivers that came with the board. The drivers themselves were based on an older reference build version. I proceeded to ELSA’s web site to see if they had anymore driver releases and found only the same driver set that came with the board. The drivers that ELSA has made available do give you the ability to use the Revelator Shutter glasses. There was one minor detail that the drivers do that really made me mad. When you access the display properties, the drivers “poll” to see if there is any Revelator glasses present on the system, which pauses the system for 5 to 6 seconds. After viewing the ELSA drivers, I decided I wanted a newer reference build. I installed the most stable reference drivers for my system at the time, version 1.91. I feel that version 1.91 has the best performance on Intel based system, such as mine.

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