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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Globalwin FKP-32 Cooler Review


Globalwin FKP-32 Cooler Review
Posted by Adam Klein on April 04, 2000
Manufacturer: GlobalWin     Product provided by: Crazy PC

The GlobalWin FKP-32 cooler is a socket7/370 cooler just like the ThermalTake Golden Orb I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. You may not have heard of the name ThermalTake before, but a lot of people who know PC cooling units, know the name GlobalWin.

GlobalWin has a vast variety of CPU cooler and the FKP-32 is just one of them. While the FKP-32 is not the biggest and baddest of the GlobalWin coolers, it does hold it's own in terms of performance. A lot of the bigger coolers are what I like to refer to as "overkill" cooling units. They may perform better by cooling the CPU 1 to 2 degrees more, but they are also prices twice as high as a slightly smaller one.

The GlobalWinFKP-32 is very capable unit. The one I have before me is actually doing a better job of cooling than the ThermalTake Golden Orb and yet is priced a little less than it. I have been using the FKP-32 for almost two and 1/2 weeks now, and it's been performing a little better than I expected.

Impressions and Installation

When I first received the cooler, I noticed that it was 1 and 1/2 times taller than the Golden Orb. That meant I would have to sacrifice some DIMM slots.

The Asus P3B-F and Abit BE6-2 motherboards have a very tightly packed setup, so I would have to move some of my memory around. As it turns out, I only had to give up one DIMM slot, so that left three on the P3B-F and two on the BE6-2. I also didn't have any problems with components, like capacitors, getting in the way of the cooler, since the motherboards have everything out of the way for coolers. Mounting it was easy since it used a bracket that could be adjusted on one end.

The FKP-32 also came shipped with some thermal compound. Enough to use on three dozen CPUs, in my opinion. I only had to put a 1/8th pea size on my P3 500E CPU. The Coppermine is very very small, so you don't want to put a whole lot of thermal grease in between the cooler and the CPU.

Once I got the cooler installed and the IWill Slocket put back in place, it was time to turn it on. I noticed that this cooler was fairly loud. The FKP-32 comes with a pretty large 4500 RPM fan. It looked a lot like the fan used on Alpha coolers. You might also want to know that the cooler uses a ball bearing type of fan, the most common used for CPUs. Although they are louder than brush fans, they generally perform better and last longer.

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