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ACT Labs Force RS review
Posted by Julio Franco on August 30, 1999

There is no doubt of it, I love racing games and definitely playing them with a Force Feedback wheel on my PC was something I always wanted. ACT Labs was kind enough to send me their Force RS wheel, powered by I-Force 2.0 from Immersion and with DirectX Force Feedback support I was expecting a real winner and the truth is that the Force RS was everything I thought it was going to be and more.

In the box I found the pedals, the steering wheel, an AC Adapter, a cartridge with an USB/PS2 connector, the manuals, the drivers CD and some other papers with quick installation notes and warnings regarding the correct usage of Force Feedback. I noticed all documents were written in 5 different languages, a nice addition in my opinion.

Also in the box it said the Force RS had included the full version of F1 Racing Simulation from Ubi Soft as a software bundle, however the one I got came with Need for Speed III which also takes advantage of Force Feedback effects. I liked this bundle more than the F1 one since I like arcade racing games more than pure simulation, Iím sure some people will disagree with me.

Anyway no matter which one of those games are included, they have been available for a while now and Iím sure that any racing game fan getting a steering wheel has already got them.

So, after taking out all the stuff from the box, I plugged everything in, I really liked the way cables are managed in the Force RS.

First of all, this cartridge had to be inserted in the back of the wheel, the intention of the cartridge is to be able to upgrade the wheel in the future without the need of buying a whole new controller for taking advantage of new technologies. This is the case of Force RS models that came with a serial connector only, you could upgrade now to USB by only buying a new cartridge which is available from ACT Labs.

Also this cartridge feature makes the Force RS multi-platform, ACT Labs offers separate cartridges for Playstation and N64 systems, so if you have also got one of those consoles and want a wheel for it you wonít have to buy a whole new one but only this cheap cartridge.

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