Samsung SyncMaster 930BF 19" LCD Monitor review


A couple of months ago, we received an email from Alienware PR people announcing the launch of the new Samsung SyncMaster 930BF 19” LCD monitor. Under normal circumstances the press release would have been issued by Samsung, which in this case wasn’t, so the product caught our attention immediately. The reason that Alienware issued such announcement was that the 930BF carried a 4ms response time, making a perfect fit for the gamers who usually buy their systems.

Eventually we managed to get an Alienware ALX gaming system for review (coming soon), too, but that’s a whole different story. For now we will concentrate our attention in the SyncMaster 930BF, an overall well balanced 19” analog and digital TFT-LCD boasting a fairly impressive response time, 160/160 degree viewing angle, and a 700:1 contrast ratio as its most important features.


Even monitor manufacturers have recognized an important niche to be fulfilled in the gamers and enthusiast markets; no doubt the 930BF comes as Samsung’s response to aggressive product offerings from companies like Viewsonic and Philips, who have caught a lot of media attention by releasing ever-faster panels, supposed to improve your gaming experience (although I’m confident saying most of you no longer buy on that promise ;)).


Some company background

Samsung is a very large company, which dates back to 1938, and was originally an export company which sold dried fish and vegetables. Founded in South Korea by Byung-Chull Lee, they now have over 337 offices and facilities in 58 different countries. There are 14 different companies in the Samsung family, with over 200,000 employees around the world. Samsung has companies involved with electronics, chemicals, fire & marine insurance, engineering, and even hotels and resorts.

The year 1973 was the birth of its electronics division, which was then called Samsung Sanyo parts. In 1977, Samsung began exporting its first color televisions. From there, they exploded into several different markets. Heck, they even own a soccer team! Today, Samsung makes their living engineering and selling TV’s, phones, camcorders, DVD players, dishwashers, air conditioners, hard drives, fax machines, laptop computers, memory, broadband DSL, wireless systems, and just about any other electronic component one could ever think of.

What’s included

In the box you will find the monitor, cables (digital and analog), AC adapter, desk mount, driver disk, Natural Color disk, rear cable cover, and the installation guide.

LCD technology overview

In one of our recent monitor reviews we went through a brief explanation on how LCD technology works, if you are into that kind of stuff, we definitely encourage you to take a look here.

Monitor Specifications



Display Type

19.0” TFT/TN LCD Screen


Viewable Size



Net Dimensions

16.6”(W) x 16.8”(H) x 7.9”(D)


Display Colors

16.2 Million


Contrast Ratio



Pixel Pitch



Max Resolution

1280 x 1024


Response Time




30-81KHz, Auto-Synchronous


Input Terminals

15-Pin D-SUB and DVI-D


Power Consumption

38 Watts



11.2 Lbs



The Samsung monitor comes with a 3 year warranty on all parts and labor. Samsung offers an excellent explanation of their dead pixel policy on the web site, perhaps the best I have ever seen from a manufacturer. The amount of dead pixels allowed for a claim varies depending to the actual size of the monitor, the larger the size, the more pixels needed. For a 19” monitor, they will only warranty the monitor for 10 or more pixels. If you buy from Newegg, they will honor 8 or more dead pixels for a replacement.

Special Features

The Samsung SyncMaster 930BF is not one of those products that will overwhelm you with a ton of features, which in my opinion, isn’t really a bad thing. Some of the special features it does offer:

Magic Color - This is an intelligent color enhancement, which is designed to enhance selective color quality, yet preserves the natural skin tone colors

Magic Tune - helps you adjust your monitor’s settings for your particular viewing environment, and offers a number of preset display modes which can provide a quick and easy way to adjust settings.

Magic Bright - a set of presets which optimize your viewing environment depending on what you are viewing.

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