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3D Spotlight : Hardware : Sound Blaster Live! review


Sound Blaster Live! review
Posted by Julio Franco

livebox.jpg (23144 bytes)Creative has been bringing us one of the best sound cards in the last couple of years but when the Aureal3D Vortex audio processor came out, sound cards went top a whole new level, the SB AWE64 wasn´t enough and the SB PCI128 which was supposed to be ready for possitional audio had a very poor DirectSound 3D support, now the SB Live! is the first true 3D sound card from Creative and yes, it´s a 3D Gamer sound card !

Although it has been out for a couple of months now, the SB Live! is still one of the best products out there, new revisions of the drivers of the SB Live! have been improving it´s features, from the original 256 MIDI voices now they´ve been improved to 512 although just 64 of them are implemented in hardware.

There are two versions of the card, the SB Live! and the SB Live! value which it´s only difference is that it doesn´t come with a daughter card which carries some extra connector and features.

Actually the SB Live! comes full of connectors, the main card has line-out 1 and 2 for both front and rear speakers as well as an analog input and the microphone connector. There are also connectors for a telephone answering machine, modem, condenser microphone, an auxiliar output , DVD input, digital and analog CD audio.


I really had no problems installing the SB Live!, I popped the card, installed the drivers and I was ready to use the card, even if you´re newbie you´ll be pleased with the very complete documentation packed with the SB Live!

You have to remember that if you´re using the full version of the card (the one that comes with the daughter board) you´ll need enough room to put the extra board.Also make sure you have enough machine to use the SB Live!

Minimum system requirements:
133MHz or faster Pentium® class processor
Intel or 100% compatible motherboard chipset
16MB system RAM (32MB strongly recommended)
Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0
Open, half-length PCI 2.1-compliant slot
Headphones or self-powered speakers (available separately)
CD-ROM drive required for software installation
Requires a 166 MHz or faster processor, microphone and 32MB of RAM for speech recognition software.

Test System:
Intel Pentium II 300
20X CD-ROM drive
Windows 98
DirectX 6

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