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3D Spotlight : Hardware : OverClk Slipstream Enhancement kit review


OverClk Slipstream Enhancement kit review
Posted by Julio Franco on September 07, 1999
Company: OverClk     Product: Slipstream Enhancement kit

Nowadays it’s not strange to see all kind of people getting a boost by overclocking their computers, I mean, overclocking is no longer something only experimented people do.

As a matter of fact, overclocking is so popular and attractive that you can see most TNT2 based cards from major manufacturers coming with their own overclocking utilities out of the box, so you don’t have to modify the registry to do so but only move a little slider and pick the speed you want.

Also because of the popularity of overclocking we have seen a lot of new small companies bringing video card cooling solutions for gamers.

I had heard of the Slipstream Enhancement kit from Overclk, this wasn’t only the usual cooler for your TNT2 or Voodoo3 but this one came with its own overclocking and tweaking utility as well as some game “optimizers”.

This kit took my attention and the truth is that I wanted to see what it could do for an already overclocked ASUS V-3800 DELUXE TNT2 card and a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000.

The Slipstream Enhancement kit includes the following:

  • Slipstream Thermo Coupler fan/heatsink Assembly with mounting stand
  • Installation Instructions
  • Slipstream Enhancer CD
  • Alcohol Pipette – Used for dispensing Alcohol during the heatsink removal stage installation
  • Razor Blade – Used for removing epoxies and thermal tapes during installation
  • Cube of Thermal Tape – Used for factory restoration ONLY


First I had to remove the original heatsink/fan by pressing the retainer pins located in the back of my video card, this was very easy to do, I should mention as part of the kit came a paper with Installation instructions and pics so first timers won’t have a problem doing this.

The next step was removing all the thermal grease left on the chip, I did this using a razorblade that came with the Slipstream kit, and then I was ready for slapping the Thermo Couple on the chip.


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