Videologic SonicFury review

With the death of Aureal the sound market has been left with little in the way of decent competition. What can possibly hold up to mighty Creative ? Well, the answer may well be here, & it comes powered by a 420 MIPs SLIMD DSP & supporting a wide array of 3D Sound API’s & features. Why it’s the Videologic SonicFury. So the only question that remains is, is it any good ? Read on & find out.

NOTE – This soundcard is the same as the Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard, the only differences being the software bundle, packaging & distribution rights (Where Videologic & Turtle Beach each distribute their soundcard to different markets).


Below are the specifications of the Videologic SonicFury.

Audio Processor: High-performance Cirrus Logic Crystal 4630 SoundFusion DSP with 96 stream DirectSound/DirectSound3D acceleration & 64 voice hardware wavetable engine.

MIDI Wavetable Synthesizer: 8MB DLS synthesizer with scalable DSP/Host load sharing. Up to 64-voice hardware with up to 1024 software voice.

Effects processor: 2 independent effects channels allowing individual control of effect emphasis, position (pan & fade), & input channels. Select from Reverb, Small room, Bathroom, Auditorium, Big hall, Arena, Hallway, Sewer pipe, Warble, Chorus (Heavy), Vibrato, Chorus, Flange, Spatial, Slap back echo, Medium delay, Long delay, Repeat delay & Nervous.

Audio Converters: Dual AC-97 2.1 audio codecs with hardware full-duplex for simultaneous record & playback & up to 48 kHz sample rates. 18-bit A/D converters for high-resolution recording.20-bit D/A converters for high-resolution playback of up to 6 independent streams.

External connectors: 2 stereo headphone/line out jacks. Software switchable VersaJack for one of the following: PCM (48 kHz) or DVD 5.1 digital stream; line output for centre/sub 5.1 playback or additional headphones; secondary stereo line input (for quad recording). Stereo line in jack. Microphone in jack.15 pin game/midi port.

Internal connectors: CD in (for analog CD audio input)–MPC3 (Molex). Aux in –MPC3 (Molex). TAD in –MPC3 (Molex). Digital in (32,44.1 or 48 kHz) for CD audio input.

Bus architecture: 32-bit PCI 2.1 local bus. Plug & Play compliant.

High performance drivers: Microsoft Windows 95/98, DirectSound3D, A3D™1.0, EAX™ 1.0/2.0, I3DL2, Sensaura MacroFX™,  MultiDrive™& Virtual Ear™.

Games compatibility: Supports most DOS games in Windows 95/98 (DOS box & Real Mode).

Approvals: PC 99 compliant. FCC Class B certified for home or office use. Compliant with EMC directive (CE).

Technical support: Technical hotline & online support at

Warranty: 5 years.

Price: £68/$99

Here’s a shot of what the card & box themselves look like.

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